Welcome, SITSahs!

That’s right, ladies. I’m bringing out the welcome mat for you. (Don’t worry, my blog isn’t as cheesy as this opening sentence.)

I’m just super excited to have my SITS Day today.

For those of you who don’t know about SITS, it’s a community of 40,000 women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another by leaving comments and learning about blogging. The name SITS comes from the concept that the secret to success is in the support.

And today is my today to be showered with blog comments.

Funny, today is also the day I’m teaching my first beginner’s blogging class. A cool coincidence, I think.

I have to admit, I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to join the SITS community at first. I mean, it sounded like a lot of time commitment to visit the website each day, comment on the featured blogger post, visit the featured blogger’s site and then comment over there as well.

Finally, I decided to give it a try. I saw that many of the bloggers I followed were involved with the SITS community.

Then, I realized why.

It really is the support. I mean, I can’t tell you how many amazing blogs I’ve found through SITS. Blogs written by genuinely amazing women. And guess what? When I comment on their blogs, they come back and return the favor. They share their stories on my blog after I share mine on theirs. I learn from them. I laugh with them. I even shed a tear every now and then. It’s pretty cool.

So, I hope you’ll take some time and have a look around. If you’re new to the site, you might want to start here. You can also find out more about me or my blog. Feel free to browse my categories up there in the purple. I also write a regular Philanthropy Friday series where I feature people and businesses that incorporate philanthropy into their everyday lives. I’m always looking for people to feature or guest post (hint, hint).

Oh, and I just had my online blogging class listed yesterday on Skillshare. Another cool coincidence! It’s called “How to Write Blog Posts That Build a Community.” What I love about it is that anyone can register (for only $10!) and rather than being lectured to, you actually get to interact with your classmates and get feedback about your blog, all while learning, finding new blogs and gaining readers. (You can check out the class here.)

Make yourself comfortable. If you like what you see, I hope you will subscribe via email (options in the left sidebar) or connect with me on social media (buttons up top). I’m going to respond to each and every one of you, even if it takes a few days.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Happy SITS day Jennifer! I hope it’s amazing!
    Barbara recently posted..Noah is 10 MonthsMy Profile

  2. Happy SITS Day!!
    andrea @ Made Simple and Sweet recently posted..Fab Find of the Week: The Luke BearMy Profile

  3. I just saw the title of your post come into my In-box – and I had to rush right over. I am so happy for you that you are having your SITS day. Enjoy it!

    BTW that online class sounds interesting. I am going too look into it!
    ilene recently posted..Get it Done, Diva!My Profile

  4. Great tip on the online class, & I love what you said about SITS … it IS a big time commitment, but the benefits are pretty awesome :) enjoy your day!

  5. Congrats on your SITS day, Jennifer! I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while now, glad to see it getting some recognition!
    Jenn recently posted..What is the Worst Part of What You Do?My Profile

  6. Happy SITS day! : — )

    With love,
    Elizabeth Rinne
    Elizabeth Rinne recently posted..#106 – Fashion inspiration | Weekend cruisingMy Profile

  7. Happy SITS day! I love it that you’re a Syracuse Alum! I was in the process of applying to grad school there when I found out I was pregnant with twins… not the best time to pick up and move to NY!!! My hubs is from upstate NY, so maybe one day I’ll get there!
    Alexa recently posted..Balloons to HeavenMy Profile

  8. Happy SITS day! I’m definitely going to check out your other posts, I could definitely use some blogging (networking) help. I’m glad I found your site!
    Lyza @ Chic Shades of Green recently posted..Local, Sustainable Meat for the FutureMy Profile

  9. Happy SITS day, Jennifer! Have a great day!
    Michelle recently posted..#TurboFire = Fun for the Family?My Profile

  10. Happy SITS day! I can’t wait to explore the rest of your blog. I do agree it can get to be a commitment to visit every featured blogger [sometimes I do skip a few because I'm just too busy to check it] but some of my favorite blogs to visit I found through SITS & I’m really happy to be a part of the community. I hope your SITS day is everything you wanted it to be!!
    Linda recently posted..Exploring DC: United States Botanical GardenMy Profile

  11. Happy SITS Day to you!!
    Amber recently posted..Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday!My Profile

  12. Glad you decided to stick around for SITS and happy to see a fellow copywriter on here!
    Ericka @ Creative Liar recently posted..PillowedMy Profile

  13. Happy SITS Day from a fellow Maine blogger! :)
    Crystal recently posted..Walking, A Bittersweet MilestoneMy Profile

  14. I LOVE THIS WELCOME!!! Such a great idea! Especially the Welcome Matt…just perfect! I am soooo excited for your SITS day Jennifer! YAY! :)
    Chris Carter recently posted..100 Blessings…My Profile

  15. Have a fantastic SITS day!!
    Cher @ Designs by Studio C recently posted..How to Make Halloween LanternsMy Profile

  16. Happy SITS day! It really is a pretty great community.
    Venassa recently posted..Time to enjoy the little thingsMy Profile

  17. Happy SITS Day! I look forward to following your blog posts.

    Great first name by the way :)
    Jennifer recently posted..Eight Weekly Challenges for Weight LossMy Profile

  18. I completely know what you mean! I felt the same way when I first found SITS…and I’m so glad that I did! :) It really is an amazing community. It’s so great to have people actually stop by and care. :) Just awesome. Anyway, I hope you have an amazing SITS Day! I think I’ll browse your site for a bit. :)
    Julie Moore recently posted..Updates…My Profile

  19. Happy SITs day! Enjoy your day :)

  20. Happy Sits Day! Enjoy all the comment love! :)
    Stephanie recently posted..Curly Hair: Blessing or a Curse?My Profile

  21. Congrats on your SITS day! I hope that you enjoy it…and that you get to celebrate with some bacon. ;)
    Erin @ The Grass Skirt recently posted..Just a little Hocus PocusMy Profile

  22. Hope you have a wonderful SITS day!

  23. Oh, happy happy SITS day to you! Hope you enjoy this day in the spotlight :) Also hope you don’t mind if I make myself comfortable and browse around for a bit. You have a wonderful home here!
    Charlotte recently posted..baby strollers are not meant to be used as weaponsMy Profile

  24. Happy SITS Day. I’m excited to read about your endeavors. Hope you have a great day IRL too! ;)
    Suzanne recently posted..Why Moms Don’t Sleep (Much)My Profile

  25. Happy SITS Day.

    I adore your blog mantra.

    And the world could use more decent human beings.
    (FL) Girl with a New Life recently posted..Cooking with a Cast Iron Skillet & My Week in ReviewMy Profile

  26. Happy SITS Day! Love your writing and blogging tips, happy to have found you.
    Sheila recently posted..If You Really Knew Me…My Profile

  27. Happy SITS day! I hope the class goes well!!
    Jester Queen recently posted..Sonic goes to piecesMy Profile

  28. Happy SITS day Jennifer!
    jen recently posted..a pill for everything…My Profile

  29. Hi Jennifer! I totally agree that the coolest part about SITS is the support from awesome fellow bloggers. I’m glad you got your turn to be featured and just when you started your blogging class too! I’m on the waiting list, but it’s a great adventure and the journey is sometimes greater than the destination. Have a great day!

    Tina – American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa and author of 5 blogs
    Tina Morley recently posted..Picture Perfect Party Linky #13My Profile

  30. Really dig your voice and content. Can’t wait for your next post to show up in my inbox!
    The Roving Retorter recently posted..Massaging Out the Kinks of a CallingMy Profile

  31. So happy to discover you on SITS, I’m interested in checking out your lab!
    Andi recently posted..Traveler Tuesday – Kristin Luna of Camels & ChocolateMy Profile

  32. Happy SITS day! It was great reading your post, because I am new to the SITS community and still trying to figure everything out. Oh, and I love your blog mantra, too!
    Melissa @ Fit ‘N’ Well Mommy recently posted..Oh, what a busy weekend!My Profile

  33. Congratulations Jennifer! Enjoy every bit of your SITS day today!
    Ugochi recently posted..Wake Up The LoveMy Profile

  34. Happy SITS day! I hope you are receive lots of love from your day in the spotlight :) a fellow pie-hater and bacon-lover joining the ranks :D
    Bohemian Beautiful recently posted..How to use, upload and resize photos in WordPressMy Profile

  35. Happy SITS day ;)
    Emily recently posted..Halloween Printable #3My Profile

  36. Happy SITS DAY!!!!
    Carrie recently posted..To Bling or Not to Bling and the MAN-gagement RingMy Profile

  37. I just signed up for SITS today, so I loved your welcome post! Looking forward to being part of the community!
    Sarah recently posted..Tone it Tuesdays- Mommy-style!My Profile

  38. Thanks for sharing this really neat blogging community – haven’t heard of them before. One of these days, when I get the hang of working from home (???), I hope to have the time to participate. I’m not quite there yet…
    Cynthia recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Magnetic PoetryMy Profile

  39. Congrats on your SITS Day! Jennifers of the world – UNITE!

  40. Happy belated SITS Day, Jennifer! I hope you enjoyed the spotlight! ;-) Now, off to read some of your posts!
    Jennifer recently posted..Where Are You Fall? – WWMy Profile

  41. Happy SITS Day, Jennifer! Okay, I’m a little late, so I hope you enjoyed your day. :)

    (I have someone to suggest for your Philantrophy Fridays! Will send you an email)
    Alison recently posted..I’m Purposely VagueMy Profile

  42. Happy SITS day. I really like your site a lot and have you on my Google Reader to update! As a new blogger, it’s always great to see how much you can do with it!
    Deb recently posted..How to Feed Your MelonMy Profile

  43. I’m late to the par-tay (per usual these days) but wanted to wish you a HAPPY SITS DAY!!!
    jenn @ Sot this is love recently posted..Quick HelloMy Profile

  44. nice comments! congrats on your class – and a good t ip! I’ll have to check that out as well! I like your blog
    Andrea recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #WW: ‘S’ on my ChestMy Profile

  45. Yay, I love the SITS community!
    Erica recently posted..Recipe: Allergen-Friendly Baked Apple Pumpkin Donut HolesMy Profile


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