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Chances are, if you were born in the 70s, you know a bunch of people named Jennifer. According to Wikipedia, Jennifer was the single most popular name for American girls from 1970 to 1984. If you’re a Jennifer, you’re probably used to being defined by the first letter in your last name.

So, here I am, another Jennifer writing another blog. (I have no doubt there are many other Jennifers with blogs.) Though I am a marketing communications professional, I’m not always interested in writing about marketing. My blog is more of a creative outlet for my writing, my thoughts and ideas. I tend to write most about parenting, philanthropy, art, music, being a lefty and other random observations. I also love bacon and infographics, in case you were wondering.

A few disclosures: Since this blog is part of the BlogHer Publishing Network, you’ll see advertising on my sidebar. I (sometimes) make money off of this advertising. From time to time, I may also write a blog post where I receive some sort of compensation. I will always disclose this information and assure you that I only write about topics that are complementary to this website. You may also click on some affiliate links, where I may make a small commission.

If you are interested in writing a guest post, please read these guidelines. Do know that I am picky and only accept posts from those who are familiar with my blog and understand the type of content that my audience appreciates (so read it!).

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