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While my blog gives you a pretty good idea of my writing style, you might want to see where I live outside of this space. This page gives you some examples of my work. (And if you’re still not sure who I am, you might want to visit the About Jennifer page.)



My upcoming book, Simple Giving, is on easy ways to give back every day. Published by Tarcher/Penguin, it will be available to the public on 10/27/15. The book is available for pre-sale on Amazon, B&NBooks-A-Million and Indiebound


My story, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened,” is featured in the book The Mother of all Meltdowns, released in October of 2013.

Featured Online Writing

Following are articles I’ve written or been interviewed for that have been featured in the blogosphere and other places online.

Online Published Work

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Another Jennifer Posts Featured or Syndicated on BlogHer

Featured on the DailyBuzz Moms Top 9

On the Air

On the Air by Jennifer Barbour

While I am a writer at heart, I am not afraid of a camera or microphone. Following are links to a podcast, television and radio shows, along with a Google Plus Hangout I participated in as a panelist with UNICEF and other Social Good Moms. I also have a YouTube channel.

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