Best of the another jennifer blog: 2012

best of the blogI’m using one of Mama Kat’s writing prompts today: A year in review! Compile a years worth of your best blog posts and pictures.

So here goes. I’ve compiled 2 of my best posts, along with a Wordless Wednesday photo, from each month in 2012.



kennebec river in bath maine

Wordless Wednesday (1.18.12): Kennebec River in January, Bath, Maine by Jennifer Barbour


bowdoin college museum of art

Wordless Wednesday (2.1.12): Walker Art Building, Bowdoin College Museum of Art by Jennifer Barbour


disco ball

Wordless Wednesday (3.7.12): The Black Keys Disco Ball, Portland, Maine by Jennifer Barbour”


polar bear statue

Wordless Wednesday (4.4.12): Bowdoin College Polar Bear by Jennifer Barbour


Wordless Wednesday (5.16.12): Boating with a Dolphin, Sanibel, Florida

Wordless Wednesday (5.16.12): Boating with a Dolphin, Sanibel, Florida


Wordless Wednesday (6.13.12): St. John's Bizarre, Brunswick, Maine

Wordless Wednesday (6.13.12): St. John’s Bazaar, Brunswick, Maine



Wordless Wednesday (7.25.12): OMG by Jennifer Barbour


crazy puppy ears

Wordless Wednesday (8.22.12): Crazy Eared Dog by Jennifer Barbour



Wordless Wednesday (9.19.12): Campfire in the Yard by Jennifer Barbour


spooky halloween decorations

Wordless Wednesday (10.31.12): Eerie Beauty by Jennifer Barbour


indoor soccer ant's view

Wordless Wednesday (11.6.12): Indoor Soccer from an Ant’s View by Jennifer Barbour


Wordless Wednesday (12.26.12): Fighting Star Wars Action Figures by Jennifer Barbour

Wordless Wednesday (12.26.12): Fighting Star Wars Action Figures by Jennifer Barbour

And if you’re looking for a little inspiration and organization for your blog in 2013, take a look at my 2013 Writing Prompts and Editorial Calendar. You can download it for free!

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  1. says

    Just found you through Mama Kat (don’tcha just love her?)… SO glad I did. Am going to have to go back and read all your “year’s best” because I laughed out loud at your “phrases uttered by moms of boys.” I have said every single one of those (except my #10 is: Why is your sister crying?).

    I actually just added one of my own in my blog today (for Mama Kat) about the 30-day parent vacation I’m going to take in Jan. 2013 (I’m calling it a Mom Sabbatical) so I can stop saying things like “No, you cannot put root beer in your Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”

    My other favorite: “Really? Mustard doesn’t make the best toothpaste, son. Try again.”
    Heather Lambie (@heatherlambie) recently posted..Taking a Mom Sabbatical: Mom Freeze Begins 01/01/13My Profile

  2. says

    I enjoyed looking through your pictures and really liked how you responded to your child’s sadness over the nightlight. I loved the idea to cut out the picture and save it. (found you on Mama Kat’s)
    Marcy recently posted..Year in Review: 2012My Profile

  3. says

    Just wanted to say I’m so glad I found your blog this year. Don’t quite remember how that was , as I reccall it was thru jenn & Casey’s ” so this is love”

    Honestly I really look forward to stopping by every day and reading what you have in store.

    Have a happy new year, from on jennifer to another!
    jen recently family picture just changedMy Profile

    • says

      Haha. Thanks, Alexa! I’m trying to remember how we first connected. Maybe via SITS? Anyway, I’m so glad we did too! Thanks for being a guest blogger this year.

      Best wishes for the new year!

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