Introducing the 2013 Writing Prompts & Editorial Calendar!

As National Blog Posting Month comes to a close (at least the November version anyway), it only seems fitting to reflect back on a month of daily writing.

Compared to last November, this year was a lot easier.

2013 writing prompts and editorial calendar

The 2013 Writing Prompts and Editorial Calendar is for anyone who writes on a regular basis.

Despite the fact that I’ve been blogging since 2007, I really feel like I found my voice by the end of NaBloPoMo last year. I wrote daily for the months of November and December and really got myself disciplined to the point where blogging was not as much of a chore anymore.

A big part of this transformation was planning. Knowing what I wanted to write about and when I wanted to write it. Timeliness counts in blogging, particularly if you are concerned with getting more people to read your blog.

The secret to my planning? I had a Word document where I would note upcoming days and months that celebrated things that interested me. Unusual holidays or awareness months that I might want to use as prompts to write a post, while also taking advantage of the fact that other people and organizations would be promoting similar thoughts and ideas. This helped me plan ahead for posts.

As I compiled these writing prompts by month, I realized that even if I didn’t want to use them, there are still various themes that come up when you look at what happens from month to month. Seasons, holidays, big sporting events, awareness campaigns, times of busyness or relaxation. They are cyclical.

Being aware of what is on the horizon helps me figure out what I want to write about now and in the future. I always have a few blog posts in my head now, and I fill in the blanks with the random things that come along and inspire me to write.

Content is easy to come up with when you let it come to you. So, I’m excited to launch my very first e-book that’s really more like an e-workbook. It’s my 2013 Writing Prompts and Editorial Calendar that delivers month by month ideas and resources to use for your blog posts, newsletter articles or whatever else you might be writing. You’ll also get a blank editorial calendar that you can use to plan posts ahead of time and/or document posts that you have written. It’s a great tool that you can use the entire year.

The e-workbook is designed to help you write more often, using timely content, in an organized manner. And you can get it for free when you sign up for my monthly newsletter.

Sign up, download the ebook, and let me know what you think. I hope it will help you come up with great content throughout 2013.

What’s your secret to coming up with regular blog content?

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  1. says

    I have taken your past advice and am trying to schedule certain things for certain days…like “Where in the World Wednesday”!! And planning and scheduling are such important aspects of my business life, that they fit nicely into my blogger life. And I have to add that as a very new blogger, I do appreciate hearing you say it took awhile for you to get to the point where it’s now fun and not a chore!
    Patti Lawton recently posted..Where in the World Wednesday?!My Profile

    • says

      That’s great to hear, Patti! Too many bloggers get discouraged early on and just give up. It takes time to grow a blog and feel comfortable writing for it on a regular basis.

      And I love the “where in the world Wednesday” idea! (Even though I totally got it wrong yesterday.)
      anotherjennifer recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Birthday BoyMy Profile

  2. says

    I like the idea of a more organized schedule when it comes to my blogging life. I’ve signed up and I’m going to use your calender as a resource for ideas and to see if I can organize a blogging schedule as well.
    Thanks Jennifer.
    jen recently posted..drunk wrangling 101My Profile

  3. says

    Good Advice. I did this same thing last year with my newspaper column, scheduling out topics for each week. I didn’t exactly stick to it, but had the monthly theme to follow and it helped!

    I think that even though writers / bloggers tend to be creative people, the added structure of an editorial calendar helps keep us on track.

    (ps – found you from NaBloPoMo)
    Noel recently posted..Dangerous People Foods for PetsMy Profile

  4. says

    Thanks for the prompts. I think they’ll help me when I hit dry patches.

    The NaBloPoMo was a real kick in the pants to get organized. I can never find something to talk about EVERY day without some sort of loose structure. SO I now have Sunday Pictures, and Blog Love Mondays — so that’s 2 days I don’t really have to think too hard about. The pressure of writing every day (even though I wasn’t perfect and missed a few days) really helped me focus on what my blogs are for — and what I want them to be.

    I’m going to miss NaBloPoMo for December because life is intervening with sick parents and a holiday trip and time at the in-laws’ house, but I plan to jump back in come January — with some help from your prompts! Thanks again!
    Natasha recently posted..Spam, glorious spam!My Profile

  5. says

    My Wordless Wednesdays and Philanthropy Fridays definitely make it easier to write without as much pressure. It also gets me into planning mode.

    I did NaBloPoMo in December last year, which was hard, but I did it. Not doing it again this year! Enjoy your December and let me know how it goes with the prompts! Would love to have your feedback or see examples of posts where you used them.
    anotherjennifer recently posted..Philanthropy Friday: 1000 ShillingsMy Profile


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