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humanityI had a particularly busy week last week. Busier than usual.

I was teaching an online blogging class. I was live streaming office hours for my class in the evening. I was writing bios, articles and blogs. I was designing and sending out newsletters. I was meeting with clients and potential partners. I was attending Christmas parties. I was hosting company at my house. I was attending a soccer tournament for my son. I was Christmas shopping and sending out cards. I was driving to and from soccer and guitar practices. I was scolding my puppy for eating part of our living room rug. Three Four times.

Oh, and did I mention my husband and I traded in both our cars for two new (to us) ones?

I probably should have said “no” once or twice last week.

But, you know what? I still managed to make it to the bus stop for my son at 3:30pm every day. I still managed to stop and watch Top Chef on Wednesday evening. No one burst into my office while I was streaming live on the internet for my blogging class. We had some great family time.

I stopped myself a few times and reminded myself to breathe. And to be thankful for the opportunities that I had in front of me. It was exhausting and exhilarating.

By the end of the weekend, I realized how trivial my week seemed in the grand scheme of it all. 

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see my son get off the school bus on Friday. I don’t think I’ve hugged my boys harder.

It’s amazing how tragic events can change your perspective so quickly.

If you need a little help restoring your faith in humanity, take a look at this. I promise it will make you smile and probably shed a tear.

I can’t explain the events of last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but I hold faith that there is more good in the world than bad.

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      Thanks, Jen. This post was started on Friday before I knew all the details of what happened. The ending, of course, changed after the weekend. With so many emotional reactions around me, I felt the need for something uplifting.

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    Perspective is a gift. It is unfortunately something that unfolds a lot of the time in light of someone else’s tragedy, however, it reminds me how lucky I really am – and how lucky I am to have my set of problems versus someone else’s!
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    Loved this post. In the end hope is the only thing we really have. I think it’s the only way to find true happiness in this crazy world:))

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