Writing Prompts and Challenges for Bloggers and Writers


As I prep for my upcoming blogging classes on consistent and engaging writing, I thought it would be fun to curate a list of writing prompts and challenges.

Bloggers and writers need some extra inspiration every now and then. Writer’s block happens. Or we just get busy and lose our writing mojo. These writing prompts and challenges keep the creativity flowing and provide some great community support.

Do you participate in any writing challenges throughout the year? Do they help your writing and creativity?

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While we’re on the subject of writing prompts, have you downloaded my free 2013 Writing Prompts and Editorial Calendar e-book?

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      That’s awesome, Vicki. I’d love to hear feedback on the ebook and how you are using it. If you have posts that you’ve written from the prompts, I’d love to read and share!

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      Thanks, Julie! There are a couple on here that are a bit intimidating because of the sheer volume of writing involved, but there are some pretty casual, fun ones as well. I join in on Mama Kat’s only when a prompt speaks to me, for example. You can join in any time, and there’s a nice little community over there that will read your post.

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      Do it! The cool part about the class is that you can really do it on your own time. There are certain “milestones” to meet, but it’s over the course of a week and a half. Plus, you have access to the content forever.

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