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I have a few things going on right now that I wanted to let you know about.

While I have been making updates to my classes and workshops page, I realize that not everyone checks static website pages on a regular basis.

And, guess what? If you are an entrepreneur, author, nonprofit or small business, this is a huge reason for you to be maintaining a regular blog! (hint, hint)


So here’s what I have coming up.

This Thursday (May 23rd), I’ll be co-presenting with Bob Hutchins, owner (with his wife Ann) of Maine Made Photos, and Jim Bouchard, the guy who helps you think like a black belt. We’ll not only be talking about how to use social media to promote your event, you’ll actually help us create a social media marketing plan for the upcoming Oktoberfest event! This free workshop will be at the Priority Group Business Center in Topsham, Maine.

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On Tuesday, June 11th, I’ll be offering my How to Write, Grow & Sustain an Effective Blog once again. If you went to my 5Ws of Business Blogging workshop, this is the next step. In this class, we’ll talk about the how. Topics will include:

  • Basic blogging best practices – We’ll go over blogger etiquette
  • The anatomy of a blog post – We’ll discuss how to structure a blog post and make it the most readable for your audience
  • Identifying and avoiding common grammar mistakes – Some tips and resources for proof reading and looking up grammar rules quickly
  • Brainstorming your best categories / topics –A discussion on blog categories + members of the class will come up with a specific list of categories and topics their blogs should cover
  • Finding your voice – We’ll talk about the best ways to keep the writing and creativity flowing
  • What to do after you publish a blog post – A discussion on the best ways to share your blog post using social media, commenting and other techniques
  • Time management tips – We’ll talk about ways to incorporate blogging into your busy schedule

This class will also be offered at the Priority Group Business Center in Topsham, Maine. I’ve had several people outside of Maine tell me that they are interested in this class and am considering taping the class and offering a video for a small fee ($10-$15 or so) after the fact. If this is something you would like, let me know in the comments or contact me so I can gauge interest.

Read more: How to Write, Grow & Sustain an Effective Blog

Finally, I was going to to hold my online class, How to Write Blog Posts That Build Community, again at the end of June. However, I’d really like to revamp this class a bit. Skillshare online classes are a little different from when I first started teaching the class (in a good way).  I just need some time to create a few videos and resources for you. I’m thinking August for the next time I run this online class.

With that said, my focus right now is on creating a brand new class on writing a personal giving strategy. I’m not ready to reveal too much yet, but if you read this blog and enjoy my posts on philanthropy, I think you’ll really love this class. More on this soon!

Phew. Lots going on.

Will you join me?

photo by: dcJohn
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