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Advising That Makes Sense of New Media Within Your Business

It is no longer enough for an organization to have a website and rely on traditional media as its primary marketing communications strategies. Consumers expect to be engaged with corporations and nonprofits through channels like Facebook, Twitter and company blogs. They research products online and talk about the causes they support in a very public (and digital) way.

New media is loosely defined as any form of communication that happens in the digital world. Channels of new media would include websites, social media, smartphones or even DVDs. At this point, the term “new” may not be so accurate anymore.

Some areas where another jennifer writing lab can advise would include:

  • Planning a simple, yet compelling website
  • Identifying social media channels to engage the right audience
  • Building a social media presence
  • Creating marketing pieces using QR codes
  • Exploring targeted digital advertising
  • Writing a social media policy for your organization

As with all another jennifer writing labservices, you will walk away with a strategy tailored to your organization’s needs

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