another jennifer writing lab helps entrepreneurs, bloggers and nonprofits tell their story.

I also teach people simple ways to incorporate giving back into their everyday personal and professional life.

my manifesto

be bold. be heard. give back. eat bacon. (read more about where this came from)

my positive purpose

to bring out the stories that need to be told

my vision

to re-define the concept of philanthropy in a way that inspires others to make giving back a part of everyday life

my basic beliefs

  • I believe in the power of words.
  • I believe everyone has a story to tell and that we should listen to those stories.
  • I believe in breaking the rules.
  • I believe that there is no such thing as a social media expert.
  • I believe in constant learning.
  • I believe that everyone should strive to do at least one good deed every single day.
  • I believe everyone can make a difference in the world and should.
  • I believe in making mistakes, taking risks and owning it. Whatever “it” may be.
  • I believe that our responsibilities lie well beyond what’s directly around us.
  • I believe that everyone should just stop and dance sometimes.

what I can do for you

Through the another jennifer writing lab, I offer writing services and one-on-one coaching sessions to help you tell your story. I also enjoy teaching and facilitating workshops on blogging, social media and social good. I work with nonprofits, entrepreneurs and small businesses who make a difference in the world in their own creative and unique ways.

Find out more:

Let me help you tell your story. Contact me about the story that’s not being told.

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