Wordless Wednesday: Where I Create

Wordless Wednesday (1.16.13): Where I Create by Jennifer Barbour

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      Lots of questions this morning, Silvia!

      The tilted wine bottle actually holds a tea light that melts scented wax (lavender, in case you were wondering). There’s another empty wine bottle by my iMac that actually has a cool picture of a retro woman that you can dress up with stick on clothes (like a paper doll).

      I used to drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, and I got that frame from Oscar Mayer after my stint. It has a pic of me and my team, the entire group of Hotdoggers from that year, my business card, my Hotdogger name tag and a cool clapperboard with my name and my wienermobile’s name (Bologna) on it.

      Above my computer is just a cool collage I made from vintage ads – blogged about that here – http://anotherjennifer.com/diy-artwork-vintage-advertising-collage-art/.

      I just re-organized my office to get my creative juices flowing more. The retro bistro table is new to the office and provides me a place to write while standing up. Works like a charm to get new ideas flowing!

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      Thanks, Chris. It is very me. And since I work from home, I need my own space. Of course, that doesn’t stop the kids from using my office chair like a ride or pretending my business cards are credit cards…

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