Wordless Wednesday: St. John’s Bazaar, Brunswick, Maine

Wordless Wednesday (6.13.12): St. John’s Bazaar, Brunswick, Maine by Jennifer Barbour

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  1. Will Van Twisk says

    I tried to get my wife to ride a ferris wheel down by the beach recently, but it didn’t work. It just seemed like the most carefree, childlike thing to do!! I’m not done trying.

    So this ride was at the famous fair by our local Catholic Church and School as a long-established annual fundraiser. Jennifer, I know they want to pump up the publicity, but they did not rename it! The fun might be a little BIZARRE, but it’s still the St. John’s BAZAAR, an old word. I know you did that just to see if anyone’s watching.

    And then there was that 1960s pop-rock band called HARPERS BIZARRE, another play on words. You have to be old to remember that, but still young enough so your memory’s not gone. Check.


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