Wordless Wednesday: Sad Pumpkin

This is what happens when you hold your pumpkin carving party too early in October.

sad pumpkin

Wordless Wednesday (10.23.13): Sad Pumpkin by Jennifer Barbour

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  1. AW!! That’s happened to us before, too. I think he kind of looks appropriately gruesome. He’s like a zombie pumpkin. :D –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Would You Rather: Have No Bra Or Have Your Bra On The Outside Of Your Shirt?My Profile

  2. Oh, that is really sad! I need to get around to carving a pumpkin.
    Bev recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Where’s the Cat?My Profile

  3. Very sad pumpkin, but still beautiful somehow! Hmm, scoop it out for another use? I love pumpkins!
    Cathy Chester recently posted..Comment on Facing Our Challenges One Story At A Time (Book Review) by shifrachester@gmail.comMy Profile

  4. Wow! He does look sad. How early was that party? I’ve never had one go quite that bad.
    Sheryl recently posted..Tea PartyMy Profile

  5. At least it made for some good blog content! Believe it or not, I’ve actually never carved a pumpkin.

  6. yep, we’ve made this mistake as well…..and it is sad yet somehow scary as well…but it sounds like it’s now gone past the scary stage and is in compost stage!
    Patti recently posted..How Ironic….leaves fall during National Chiropractic Month!!My Profile

  7. I love it! At least you’ve carved on…we haven’t even gotten that far. And it makes for a great picture!
    Michelle recently posted..How to Go From Zero to 50 Comments on Your Blog PostsMy Profile

  8. Aww, I know, that’s why I wait on putting up the real tree too soon too at Christmas time. :(
    Rosey recently posted..Wordless Wednesday (s’up w/that lil’ doggie?)My Profile

  9. Aw, it still makes a nice scary photo!!
    Tamara recently posted..Life. You’re Doing It Right. (Sometimes)My Profile

  10. Ha! I love this and am sharing. And just talked my husband out of carving ours this past weekend (mainly b/c I was exhausted), but I claimed it might be too early, so this makes me feel better ;)
    Meredith recently posted..The Mother of All MeltdownsMy Profile

  11. Whew. That is a sad, depressed, tired looking pumpkin! Lol.
    andrea recently posted..Not Cursed, Just a Byproduct of Bad Decisions?My Profile

  12. I think THIS IS my fave. ;)

  13. Augh! Gross! That’s why we haven’t carved our pumpkins yet.
    Susannah recently posted..It’s a Bit Early…My Profile

  14. Aww…poor pumpkin! I was so tempted to go to the pumpkin patch early in October, but we’ve made that mistake before. But now we’re on the flip side, where there’s only one weekend left, and we haven’t even gotten our pumpkins!
    Leslie recently posted..{Roundup} Halloween PrintablesMy Profile

  15. Ha! I am just impressed that you got the pumpkin AND carved it by early October! We managed to pick up two pumpkins last weekend, but they are still sitting in front of our fireplace with no expressions at all. I guess that makes them ambivalent pumpkins?
    Lauren recently posted..The one where I post all of your funny Trick-or-Treat stories.My Profile

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