The Art of Alphabet Photography (gift idea alert)

My husband and I love to travel. While we were in college, we had the opportunity to study abroad in London for a semester during our junior year.

It is an experience that we will always treasure. We had the opportunity to travel all around Europe. We spent a weekend in France with our art appreciation class. We rode the chunnel when it first opened and got stuck in Belgium when it caught on fire. We met a lovely restaurant owner in Switzerland who gave us her homemade apple pie for free because we couldn’t afford to buy anything more than soup (even I, who hates pie, partook in this dessert!). We went to Oktobefest in Germany and stayed in a castle turned hostel in Nuremberg. We ate our weight in gelato in Italy. The list goes on.

So, when I saw the gorgeous photographs from Alphabet Photography, I knew we had to have our own piece of artwork for our home.

Alphabet Photography Inc. is the original and leading company in the letter art industry and boasts the largest collection of photographs collected from around the world. Each official Alphabet® Photography art piece is hand crafted, high quality, and truly original!

Here’s how it works: You simply go over to their website and type in a word. I put in “Barbour,” our last name. Alphabet Photography then takes your letters and transforms them into a gorgeous piece of artwork. Each letter in your word is represented by a different photograph. You can even change the photos for your letters. (There are so many options, that I just went with the first combination that came up on my screen.)

alphabet photography

My Alphabet Photography artwork!

My piece of artwork has a 3” solid wood frame with a dark chocolate finish accented with gold leaf. I couldn’t believe how amazing it looked in my house. It’s perfect for us because we live in an old house (circa 1892) with some modern accents. Our living room boasts black and white photos from our time abroad, so it fits in our space well.

What I really loved was the way in which the artwork was presented in the box. Upon arrival, I immediately opened the box and found a neatly wrapped frame tied with a bow. There was also a letter from the company and a thank you card. I thought this to be a very thoughtful and professional touch.

opening alphabet photography

The presentation of my new artwork was beautiful from the beginning.

Whether you have world travelers in your network of family or friends or not, the original Alphabet Photography is truly the perfect customized gift. You really can’t go wrong.

And if you’re not convinced yet, some celebrity owners of Alphabet Photography art include: Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate, Tyra Banks, Ryan Seacrest, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, John Schneider, Nelly Furtado, and many more! Not too shabby.

What word would you display on your Alphabet Photography piece of artwork?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alphabet Photography. The opinions and text, as per usual, are all mine.

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  1. Oooh, I LOVE this! I would totally get one of these (not yet knowing if it even fits in our budget, but whatever!). Let’s see, what word… doing our last name is very tempting. Both my husband and I changed our last names to take an older family name of his. I think I would also consider ‘family’, and ‘love’ (which I’m sure is a popular choice). I’ll have to head over to their website and play around!

    And I’m dead jealous of your European trip. Someday, hubby and I will get to travel abroad…
    Cynthia recently posted..Trick-or-Treating as an AdultMy Profile

    • I forgot to mention that each piece of artwork is also signed and numbered by the artist. Love it all around. Very high quality.

      And my husband and I laugh about our European adventure now. We were 20 when we were there and backpacked with very little money. It was quite the adventure. Nothing I could ever do now!