For now, a haiku


Have you ever had so much to say that you can’t find the words? That’s me right now. I’ve turned to writing haiku when this has happened in the past. I can’t share that writing here, but it helped me process life around me. Life is good right now. Really good. I’ll find the words… [Read More…]

Living in the Moment and Trusting the Process


In my most recent newsletter, I shared a writing tip that included two key pieces of advice an accomplished author received as an aspiring writer: allow yourself to write badly and trust the process. I couldn’t help but think this was great advice for life in general. Too often writers get so caught up in producing… [Read More…]

Be My Guest (Blogger) in January!


A couple of weeks ago, I shared 70 things I enjoyed or endured in 2014. I admitted that I was not quite sure how I kept the blog going so consistently during such a crazy year. But I did it, and I’m happy with the posts I put out into the blogosphere. While #59 seemed… [Read More…]