My Apologies + Amazing Bacon Recipes

international bacon dayI missed International Bacon Day. It was the Saturday before Labor Day.

Seriously. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I’m not sure how it happened. I guess I just wasn’t paying attention. I could come up with excuses of having other, more important, posts to write, or having to deal with the first day of school for both of my boys. But, I won’t.

I feel like I let you down. Because, you see, I’ve celebrated in the past. I’ve been called the bacon queen on Twitter. People post bacon-related images on my Facebook wall. I curate a list on SkinnyScoop called all about bacon that has over 15,000 views. Bacon is in my tagline on the top of this website.

Heck, I actually have influence on the topic of bacon.

To make it up to you, I’ve compiled my top 10 amazing recipes featuring bacon. It contains some of the most yummy sounding combinations I can think of. There’s even a cocktail and a dessert included. These recipes are also perfect football food.

I’m still working on getting my husband to make a few of these recipes. (hint. hint.) And I’m thinking publishing this list is good timing because we just went in with 2 other people to buy a pig from a farm, and we have about 4 pounds of bacon in our fridge. (Don’t judge. It’s an economical way to buy meat. People do this outside of Maine, right?)

Oh, and because I totally missed International Bacon Day. Sorry about that.

And, please do add to this list if you have your own amazing bacon recipe to share.

International Left-Handers’ Day: Celebrate Your Lefty-ness

It’s that time of year again. International Left-Handers’ Day! A day where us left-handers celebrate our superiority.

Or something like that.

There are press releases and an official website.

Some of my most popular posts on this blog are about being left-handed or the parent of a left-handed child. So, I know my lefties are out there.

Being a lefty, it’s hard to acclimate to certain situations. Sitting down to a meal with friends or cutting a piece of paper can be a challenge.

But, not today. Today, us lefties are encouraged to celebrate our left-handedness and make our right-handed friends and family members acknowledge our differences and even try to do things left-handed.

If you are not left-handed and don’t quite understand what the fuss is all about, take a look at this post about the 18 Worst Things For Left-Handed People.

Spiral notebooks suck, righties. They just suck. I might also add to this list: apple corers, right-handed wite-out and ladels.

There are some advantages to being left-handed as well. Some say we’re smarter and more creative. Others just say we’re doomed. Following are the 10 most powerful lefties in the world:

  1. Barack Obama – US President
  2. Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft
  3. Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister of Israel
  4. Oprah Winfrey – TV personality and media owner
  5. Hugo Chavez – President of Venezuela
  6. Michael Bloomberg – New York Mayor
  7. Fidel Castro – President of Cuba (up to 2008)
  8. Bill Clinton – past US President
  9. David Cameron – UK Prime Minister
  10. Felipe Calderon – President of Mexico

Not too shabby.

My two favorite left-handed sites are celebrating by holding Facebook contests and raising awareness for teacher training and the needs of left-handed children. My left-handed son will only start pre-school this fall, so I haven’t addressed the teacher thing. I’m not sure it’s an issue yet, but it’s an interesting topic that I’ll be keeping my eye on.

Are you left-handed? How will you celebrate International Left-Handers’ Day?

Read more of my posts on being a lefty (and a parent to a left-handed child)

National Grammar Day: You’re Celebrating With Your Friends Today, Right?

National Grammar DayYes, it’s another random holiday to celebrate. Today, March 4th, is National Grammar Day. A day to “March forth”  to speak well, write well, and help others do the same.

If anything, I hope my Facebook friends will take a few extra moments to distinguish between “your” and “you’re” and, possibly, use a comma in their run-on status updates. (That might be too much to ask.)

In honor of the day, I thought I’d share ten grammar myths (note the word myth here – that means the are not necessarily true) from Grammar Girl:

  1. A run-on sentence is a really long sentence.
  2. You shouldn’t start a sentence with the word “however.”
  3. “Irregardless” is not a word.
  4. There is only one way to write the possessive form of a word that ends in “s.”
  5. Passive voice is always wrong.
  6. “I.e.” and “e.g.” mean the same thing.
  7. You use “a” before words that start with consonants and “an” before words that start with vowels.
  8. It’s incorrect to answer the question “How are you?” with the statement “I’m good.”
  9. You shouldn’t split infinitives.
  10. You shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition.

Grammar Girl notes: Read the explanations before you write to express your outrage. You can read brief explanations on these myths.

I hope you’re feeling a bit more educated on grammar today. Feel free to use your learnings in your Facebook and Twitter status updates today. (I thank you ahead of time.)

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