Which nonprofits do you support?


I started exploring the concept of philanthropy on this blog because I want to give back more. Being on the nonprofit side for many years, I’ve also felt a disconnect between the donor and the nonprofit. I’ve been searching for more meaningful ways to give.

I find inspiration from the people and businesses I feature for Philanthropy Friday, and I’m learning more and more about my own giving habits through my writing.

As I get deeper into my Giving Pledge and write more for the Global Team of 200, I realize I need a better way of keeping track of the nonprofits I support. Looking at the big picture helps me figure out where my heart and my money and my voice want to go. I can see where there are gaps, where I need to put forth more effort and where I might not want to revisit.

Below you’ll see a list of nonprofits I have supported through donating money, working with in some capacity, or advocating via my blog. The neat thing about this list, which is hosted on SkinnyScoop, is that you can scroll through it and check off the organizations that you support and create your own list. You can even add organizations that you support to the list.

It’s a big old curated list of awesome nonprofits to support. Will you help me in my exploration of philanthropy?

Writing Prompts and Challenges for Bloggers and Writers


As I prep for my upcoming blogging classes on consistent and engaging writing, I thought it would be fun to curate a list of writing prompts and challenges.

Bloggers and writers need some extra inspiration every now and then. Writer’s block happens. Or we just get busy and lose our writing mojo. These writing prompts and challenges keep the creativity flowing and provide some great community support.

Do you participate in any writing challenges throughout the year? Do they help your writing and creativity?

View the list on SkinnyScoop

While we’re on the subject of writing prompts, have you downloaded my free 2013 Writing Prompts and Editorial Calendar e-book?

Helpful Grammar Articles and Resources for Bloggers

Last week, I blogged a bit about my grammar clinic at BlogHer ’12 and shared some tips for identifying and avoiding common grammar mistakes. I noted that a post with some details on common mistakes and resources would be forthcoming.

I decided to compile a list of some articles and resources that have been helpful to me. It’s a SkinnyScoop list, so it’s easy for me – or you – to add to the list as more helpful articles and resources are discovered. Please do add to the list if you have a go-to grammar resource.

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