Empty Next Syndrome

photo credit: Sheila Adell

This following article is a guest post from my friend and a former co-worker way-back-when, Sheila Adell. I know it’s supposed to be Empty Nest syndrome but what I am really wondering is “what’s next?” There are countless parenting books on how to breast feed, potty train and home school your child but not a lot… [Read More…]

Home Call

photo credit: Emily Tarvin

This following article is a guest post from a friend, doctor and mom, Emily Tarvin. The first page comes as I turn onto my street. I pull over a block from my house, so my kids don’t see my car. It’s the nurse calling to tell me that my patient’s daughter has now arrived. Would… [Read More…]

Bathroom Humor


When Biz and I realized we would have some rare alone time together while his brother attended a birthday celebration this weekend, he suggested we go to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. He didn’t have to twist my arm for that trip since we have a membership, and the fall flowers are gorgeous. It’s one… [Read More…]