Wordless Wednesday: Ladies Toilet

And, no, this is not a photo from my trip to Nicaragua with WaterAid America. This ladies toilet was found in Maine behind a historical site.

Wordless Wednesday (7.23.14): Ladies Toilet by Jennifer Iacovelli Barbour

Wordless Wednesday (7.23.14): Ladies Toilet by Jennifer Iacovelli Barbour

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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Fort Edgecomb

Today’s G’s 9th birthday, so I’m featuring two photos by him today. He took these last Saturday at Fort Edgecomb, where we picnicked and he and his brother got another stamp in their Maine passport book. Happy Birthday, G!

fort edgecomb maine

Wordless Wednesday (7.16.14): Fort Edgecomb by G

fort edgecomb view

Wordless Wednesday (7.16.14): View from Fort Edgecomb by G

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Wordless Wednesday

Last I checked, July is too early for back to school shopping.

I was shopping in Target this weekend and found two shocking occurrences in the store. (And, no, one of the shocking occurrences was not that I left the store with only one item. Let’s be realistic here.)

Summer items were on clearance, and back to school items were taking over a large part of the store.

It’s July. Barely mid-July. In Maine, summer has just begun. We’re just now getting used to regular warm weather and frequent visits to the beach.

Do you know what our winters are like? We endure those winters in order to live in Vacationland during the summer.

The last thing I want to see in July are binders and pencil boxes.

G’s backpack is used to bring swimming gear, sunscreen, a water bottle and lunch to summer camp.

welcome back sign

This photo is from a Wordless Wednesday on 9.5.12. September. Not July.

Is it just me or is this back to school stuff early this year? It’s like seeing a giant blowup Santa in October.

Maybe I need to stay out of the stores for a while. I’m clearly not going to find any of my summer needs there.

Are you even thinking about back to school shopping yet?

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