Bathroom Humor


When Biz and I realized we would have some rare alone time together while his brother attended a birthday celebration this weekend, he suggested we go to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. He didn’t have to twist my arm for that trip since we have a membership, and the fall flowers are gorgeous. It’s one… [Read More…]

A Kid Quote Involving “The Other Guy”

In honor of Biz’s 4th birthday tomorrow, I thought I would share a recent quote from the boy himself. Biz is always good for a funny kid quote. Heck, he’s always talking. What makes Biz particularly funny, though, is his facial expressions and hand gestures. I guess he gets the hand gestures from my side… [Read More…]

Kid Quotes: Popular in the 1900s

kid quotes bubble

Being a mom to two boys is always entertaining. I like to share some of my favorite quotes from my boys here so I can keep track of them and because they’re just plain funny. Here are a few recent ones that had me giggling. From Biz, age 3. At the dinner table after my… [Read More…]