The Beginning of the End of AIDS + Buying (RED) on World AIDS Day


On this 25th World AIDS Day (December 1), ONE has released the 2013 AIDS Report: The Beginning of the End? Tracking Global Commitments on AIDS, Volume 2.

As you’ll see in the infographic below, we’ve come a long way since the first World AIDS Day in 1998. Sixteen countries in Africa have reached the “tipping point,” which happens when the number of new HIV infections is surpassed by the number of people newly added to treatment.

The report tracks progress toward 3 key targets – the elimination of mother-to-child transmission, 15m people on treatment, and a drastic reduction in new HIV infections – and assesses what top donors are contributing toward this progress. The difference from last year’s report is that far more attention is paid to the progress achieved in sub-Saharan Africa.

A key takeaway from the report is that we need to stop referring to “AIDS in Africa” because a one size fits all approach does not work. While 16 countries reaching the tipping point is great news, others are far behind.


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Read the Executive Summary or Download the Full Report. The summary is a pretty quick read and includes some interesting facts, charts and recommendations.

According to ONE, if current rates of acceleration continue, we could achieve the beginning of the end of AIDS – when the number of people newly added to treatment surpasses the number newly infected with HIV – by 2015. 

What you can do to celebrate World AIDS Day and support The Global Fund to fight AIDS

  1. Download DANCE (RED), SAVE LIVES2, a brand new compilation album featuring the world’s biggest dance artists and huge names from the world of pop, from iTunes. The album features tracks from artists such as Katy Perry, Tommy Trash, Empire of The Sun, Calvin Harris, Tiësto, Coldplay, Swedish House Mafia, Robin Thicke and Martin Solveig. ALL proceeds from the album go directly to the Global Fund to fight AIDS on the ground in Africa.
  2. Shop your favorite (RED) products on the (FAB)RED store on starting on December 1st. Make sure to place your orders by December 16th to qualify for holiday shipping!
  3. Swing by Starbucks for a beverage or two. (STARBUCKS)RED will donate 10 cents on every hand-crafted beverage purchased at any Starbucks store throughout the US and Canada! This one’s a no-brainer, I’m pretty sure.
  4. Buy some beats for a special someone on your shopping list. (BEATS BY DRE)RED is turning their red-colored Pill speaker, (RED) on World AIDS Day. Every purchase of the re-colored pill on this day could help provide 12 days of life-saving HIV medicine.
  5. Check out all the amazing (RED) products on
  6. Read the Executive Summary or Download the Full Report from (in case you missed these links earlier)
  7. Share this post and spread awareness on World AIDS Day!

Read more about (RED) ~ Philanthropy Friday: Buying (RED)

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Social Media is the New Source for News

According the following infographic from, online news revenue has now surpassed print newspaper revenue. Not a surprise when I think about how I get my news.

And, really, I don’t find the news anymore. It comes to me. I follow news organization on Facebook, reporters on Twitter, blogs of all sorts that are updated faster than any print publication. Heck, I get Google alerts emailed to me as people are posting about topics of interest to me.

The newspaper? I use that to get the local news that only a small town paper can give you. Of course, our local paper is clearly not doing so hot in the revenue department. I let my subscription run out. When I thought about going back, I found their entire website behind a pay wall. Why would I want to pay for a little article on the local town council meeting? And how could I share the info via Facebook or email anymore? I finally decided to go back when I received a letter in the mail offering me a special deal. It took me two weeks of calls and emails to get a human being to call back so I could give them a credit card. I almost had to drive down to the paper and hand them the credit card. You know, like in the olden days.

Think about it. How did you find out about Whitney Houston’s death or the raid on Osama bin Laden? My smart phone told me. I received alerts on my iPhone from the AP. Then, I went to Twitter to see if I could find some legitimate sources for more info. Twitter had info out more quickly than the television news sources, who were waiting to confirm what everyone was talking about.

Anyway, I caught this infographic last week and thought I would share. How do you get your news?

social media news infographic

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