Social Media Explained With Bacon


I found the following infographic via J&D’s Foods Facebook page, the makers of awesome things like Bacon Salt and Bacon Flavored Lip Balm. It’s definitely the best image I’ve seen from the “social media explained” meme that has been going around the internet. From now on, I’m totally using this for my social media presentations.

Social Media is the New Source for News

social media news infographic

According the following infographic from, online news revenue has now surpassed print newspaper revenue. Not a surprise when I think about how I get my news. And, really, I don’t find the news anymore. It comes to me. I follow news organization on Facebook, reporters on Twitter, blogs of all sorts that are updated… [Read More…]

Left Brain vs. Right Brain Marketers

left-brain right-brain marketer infographic

While on Twitter the other day, I came across the following infographic from Marketo illustrating the differences between left-brain and right-brain marketers. As a lefty, a pretty right-brained thinker and a marketer, I find these analyses interesting. (Actually, anything to do with human behavior is pretty fascinating to me.) The infographic makes it seem like… [Read More…]