Happy Birthday to my Crazy Puppy

I will fully admit that I texted my husband as recent as last Thursday that I was going to sell our puppy, Hana, on Craigslist. She was under the deck again. Stuck. For, like, the gazillionth time (if you use Biz’s measure of time).

I don’t understand why she hasn’t learned that she needs to be rescued – sometimes dramatically if it happens right after a blizzard – when she goes through this minute space under the stairs of our deck.

puppy stuck under deck

She can get in this space. She cannot get out without help. And swearing. There’s a lot of swearing involved.

Just last night she ate the tops of the beautiful purple tulips G picked out for me for Easter. The couch was strewn with tulip petals.

When she’s not in trouble, she seems to be on the couch. I have tons of photos of her lounging on our leather couch. When did that happen? We never let dogs on the couch before Hana.

kona and hana on the couch

Kona and Hana lounging in the couch. Note Kona’s perfect pillow positioning.

dogs on couch

Hana and Kailua lounging on the couch. I’ve clearly lost control of the house.

She’s cute. And she’s a puppy. She gets away with stuff, and her big brothers know it. They are smart.

There was a time when Kailua made it a point to remind Hana that her head fit perfectly in his mouth. He can still get it in there if/when he wants. Luckily, he shows restraint with his feisty little sister.

puppy and dog

Hana and Kailua on the first day we brought Hana home. Don’t let the photo fool you. Kailua was not happy.

Because though she’s quite cute, she’s also quite the instigator. I’ve heard here growl louder than Kailua. And Kailua has a deep, menacing growl.

Despite the destruction and her mischievous ways, we still love her. We know she’ll eventually grow out of the puppy stage. She keeps her older brothers, at 10 and 12, alert and active. And at the end of the day, when she calms down and is ready to relax, she’s always ready to cuddle.

She is sweet and affectionate and keeps me company on those late nights during tax season when my husband isn’t around and her brothers are outside.

I think we’ll keep her.

For now.

Unless I keep finding her like this.

muddy puppy

Hana discovered why they call it mud season in Maine.

Happy first birthday, Hana. We’re happy to have you in our lives.

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