Philanthropy Friday: ONE Launches #PovertyIsSexist Campaign to improve the lives of women worldwide

photo credit: Nicole Melancon, ThirdEyeMom

The following post was originally published on ThirdEyeMom and was written by my good friend and fellow Global Team of 200 member and ONE Mom, Nicole Melancon.  POVERTY IS SEXIST: “It’s about time someone said it. Being born female in one of the world’s poorest countries means your life will be harder, simply because of your gender. Unlocking… [Read More…]

I’m Sorry, So Sorry


This following article is a guest post from a friend and kick ass woman, Mara Pennell. I also highly encourage you to read this post from Mara that I shared on Facebook yesterday. It’s well worth the read. It seems that there is something ingrained in female DNA that causes them to be highly apologetic about, well,… [Read More…]

Courage to take the first step


This following article is a guest post from Stephanie Abdon of A Hot Southern Mess.  I’ve never been more proud to forget an anniversary. On January 17, 2014, I went into a courtroom as a married mother of a four-year-old boy. I emerged a divorced mother, with a new (old?) name, and the uphill battle of sharing… [Read More…]