Good Deeds Everyday Add Up to a Whole Lot


Photo credit: SPRING FLOWERS. PINK HYACINTH © Sierpniowka |

As I was walking past a local church in my neighborhood, I noticed flowers and potting soil strewn all around the front yard. Next to the flowers and dirt was a white plastic container, the original holder of the flowers.

I realized quickly that the flowers came from the front steps of the church a few feet away. There was another container, this one intact and holding flowers, on the opposite side of the stairs.

Why would someone do that? I thought as I walked on by and headed for the bank.

As I walked back from my quick errand towards the church again, I decided that I needed to re-pot those flowers.

I live around the corner from this church, and I’ve had newly purchased flowers waiting to be planted stolen from my yard. I’ve even had a plant taken straight out of the ground and left on the adjacent sidewalk, not to mention a pumpkin freshly painted by my then 4-year-old stolen from my front steps.

I don’t know why people do stupid things like this. There’s clearly no reasoning behind it. I just assume they are angry people that get some kind of weird kick out of destroying other people’s things.

All I know is that it sucks when you find something from your property ruined. Even if it is only a few flowers. It still feels yucky.

So, I stopped at the church and assembled the flowers as best I could back in the pot. I scooped up as much of the dirt as I could and packed it in. I put the pot back together (it was in two pieces) and set it back on the steps.

As I was doing this, I noticed a broken wire that had originally held the pot in place on the steps.

It’s not perfect, but at least the flowers aren’t all over the ground.

I believe in karma. Doing little good deeds like this has to add up to something. (And bad karma will eventually get those that steal little boys pumpkins from their front stairs.)

Philanthropy works in so many ways. Imagine if we all worked on doing something positive everyday, even if it’s just holding a door for someone. Or re-potting some flowers.

What good deed will you do today?

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