How You Can Help Nepal

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Before I sit down at the computer to blog, I usually have a post running through my brain. I write it and edit it in my head as I get my kids ready for school, take a shower, sleep, cook, run errands, work – whatever it is I’m doing when I’m not blogging. I’ve had a… [Read More…]

The Power of a Voice


When I attended the Social Good Summit in New York for three days last week, I had the opportunity to watch several presentations and panels on global issues that impact us all. Speaker after speaker talked about things like access to clean water, climate change, hunger, preventable diseases, philanthropy and more. In addition to the rich… [Read More…]

My Giving Pledge: October Donation


It’s hard to believe I’m in the tenth month of my giving pledge. I am so glad that I decided to make a pledge to donate to at least one nonprofit each month. It truly has made me think more about my own giving habits. This month, I donated to SenseAbility Gym. You may remember… [Read More…]