Typing My Heart Out in November: NaBloPoMo 2012

NaBloPoMo 2012

It’s that time of year again.

November is National Blog Posting Month. Otherwise known as NaBloPoMo, it’s the time when bloggers everywhere commit to writing daily for the entire month.

While NaBloPoMo actually does occur year round, November is the “birthday” of the event. (It’s sort of the lazy step-sister of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.) More bloggers are involved during November than any other part of the year. Other months have specific themes. For November NaBloPoMo, the theme is simply blogging for blogging’s sake.

Last year, I jumped in with two feet and ended up blogging daily for 61 days in a row. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot. Even through the holidays and the growth of my business, I was able to keep it up and find some amazing bloggers (whose blogs I still read regularly) in the process.

During those 61 days, I also really feel like I hit my stride in the blogging world. Though I’ve been blogging regularly since 2007 (via this and other blogs), writing daily for two busy months taught me how to discipline myself when it comes to writing. I was more thoughtful about my posts. I planned my content and when I would write it, schedule it and share it.

Guess what? Since I completed my daily writing feat, I’ve been blogging regularly ever since. I don’t have trouble finding topics to write about, and I’m better at planning my posts. In fact, I really feel like content for blog posts comes to me at this point.

So, I’m joining the #NaBloPoMo crew again this year.

Did I mention the prizes? According to Melissa Ford, our NaBloPoMo host on Blogher.com, there will be two prize draws per week for people on the official blogroll (add your blog to the blogroll here). Prizes include free passes to BlogHer conferences and Voices of the Year e-books. Of course, you will need to be daily blogging in order to be eligible for the prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for NaBloPoMo, pick up a badge for your blog, and start typing your heart out!

Who’s joining me? (And I’ll totally support you through the process. We’re all in this together!)

Syndicated on BlogHer.com + an iPhone Update

Syndicated on BlogHer.com

So, my post about how I laundered my iPhone is syndicated on BlogHer.com today. I’m pretty excited because I’ve been featured on BlogHer.com but not syndicated.

You can view the syndicated post here. (If you’ve already read the post it’s not all that different.)

BlogHer’s mission is to bring women bloggers exposure, education, community, and economic empowerment.

I’ll be using this economic empowerment towards a new iPhone 5 (hopefully).

To update you on my iPhone situation, I did end returning my new iPhone 4S and reactivating my old phone that I had washed. Apple announced their big event on September 12th, where it is expected that they will reveal the new iPhone 5. Being the Apple fan that I am, I can’t imagine waiting 2 years to get the new iPhone.

The old phone seems to be just fine. For the most part. I did find out that people can only hear me on the phone if I’m on my headset or on speaker.

Here’s hoping that the iPhone 5 is out very soon and that it’s worth all the hype.

How to Get Silky Smooth Legs in One Week

I’ve written several times on this blog about how much I love summers in Maine. And I do love them. As everyone else seems to be enduring 100+ degree weather, we are complaining about low 80s. (We like to complain about all of our weather here.)

I have to admit, my one complaint about summertime here in Maine is that I have to shave my legs every day. I am Italian, after all.

The shaving isn’t all that bad. What’s really annoying is the fact that my skin is so darn sensitive. So, I end up with dry and irritated skin all summer long. It sucks. And it doesn’t matter how much I try to slather lotion on me or use sensitive skin washes and shaving gel. My legs end up red and bumpy.

That is, until I discovered Dove’s new VisibleCare Renewing body wash.

When Dove sent me their new body wash, I was skeptical. It says right on the bottle that I would notice “visible skin improvement in just one week.”

Always down for a challenge, I took a photo of my legs and then started using the body wash on a daily basis. I have to say that I really loved the smell of the body wash – clean and fresh. Just a nice smell that wasn’t too flowery but made me feel just a little pampered. After I used it the first time, my skin actually felt really refreshed and moisturized. I mean, I could really tell that my legs, in particular, were adequately moisturized. A weird sensation for me to say the least.

After a few days, I really started to enjoy using the body wash. My skin felt great, and I loved the fresh scent. By the end of the week, I decided that I was hooked on the body wash. However, I was still skeptical that I would see much of a difference in my legs.

But, here’s what I found.

As advertised, my legs were actually visibly smoother after just one week of using Dove’s new Visible Care renewing shower gel. Seriously. These photos are completely unedited.

The top photo is the before picture, and the bottom is the after. Now, I know the photos aren’t from the same distance away (I wasn’t really paying attention to that), but you can definitely tell the difference since using the body wash. My skin not only feels smoother, it looks smoother! And that makes a big difference to me.

It turns out that Dove’s new line of premium body wash contains the highest concentration of NutriumMoisture technology. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I do know what it does.

Let’s face it, when you look good, you feel good. And I’m liking the way my legs are looking after using Dove’s VisibleCare body wash.

How about you? How do you reinvigorate and refresh your skin for the summer months?

And now for a special coupon from Dove and a chance to win a $500 Spafinder gift certificate. All the details are below. Good luck!

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