Wordless Wednesday: Happy Left Handers Day!

left handers day 2014

It’s International Left Handers Day! Are you a lefty like me? Read more about Left Handers Day, shop at my favorite left-handed store, or visit my All Things Left-Handed tumblr site. Or, take this test to see just how left-handed you really are. If you are right-handed, take a moment to try and do something… [Read More…]

Right-handed wite-out?


So I was doing a bit of organizing the other day and needed to use some wite-out. I was re-using a label for a file folder (because it’s good to recycle and I need to do a Staples run). All I needed to do was white out the previous writing on the label. Pretty simple…. [Read More…]

Being a mom to a righty and a lefty


I have become increasingly aware of my left-handedness since having children. Not that being a lefty hasn’t been a challenge for the past 35 years. I’ve had to constantly adjust to living in a right-handed world. Simple things like driving a stick shift and setting up a work station can be difficult at first. But,… [Read More…]

A note to parents of left-handed children


Two people have made comments to me recently about left-handed children. A co-worker mentioned that her daughter was worried her 19 month old son was left-handed. At a recent basketball practice for 3 – 5 year olds where parents and kids work together on drills, a fellow parent shrugged her shoulders and declared, “She’s left-handed…. [Read More…]