Killing Kindergarten

“I hate kindergarten!”

I heard this bold (and completely unqualified) statement several times leading up to the first day of school for Biz.

“But how do you know you hate kindergarten if you haven’t experienced it yet?”

I knew the answer to this question, of course, because I’m his mom. And he’s just like me. Skeptical of the unknown. Fighting what others want or expect him to do. Yet knowing, in the back of his mind, that everything will be fine.

He was nervous, not knowing what to expect. He just moved into a new place with his mom, brother and dog. Without his dad and his other dog.

We’re just about settled in, but his room still needs organizing.

He’s got a big playground behind his new house with lots of new kids to play with, but it can be overwhelming.

He looks around and sees his friends with both parents together.

We said good-bye to a daycare he’s been at since he was 8 weeks old, where the owner slept over our house on Thanksgiving night to take care of his big brother while I gave birth to him.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in what’s going on with yourself and forget what the kids are going through.

Everything I’ve done in the past six months has been for my boys, yet the start of school reminds me of how fragile they really are.

It was pure torture for Biz to watch his big brother G start fourth grade while he had to wait to start kindergarten.

It was pure torture for me to get him to walk with us down the road to the school and get used to our new commute in the morning. We’d drop G off and then walk over to Biz’s school. A practice run to make sure I could get both to school on time.

I don’t know what Chinese water torture feels like, but I think it’s similar to walking with Biz to school. He dragged his feet behind us and complained the whole way, playing with sticks and acorns he found on the side of the road, as I yelled back to him that we had to keep moving. School had an actual schedule we had to adhere to.

When “family day” finally came, we waited for the bus together.


And we rode the bus together. His dad was there too. It was awkward, but it worked. We spent an hour at the school and then went back home. The next day, he went for a half day. We celebrated with lunch at Johnny Rockets, just me and my strong-willed boy.


Yesterday, he started his first full week of kindergarten. He was excited.

Just like his strong-willed mom. He may not like the process or the expectations, but he knew what he had to do. He walked into kindergarten and killed it. He enjoyed the bus, made a friend, and used the “colonel” at school (where you pee standing up in the boys room).


It wasn’t so bad after all.



Last I checked, July is too early for back to school shopping.

I was shopping in Target this weekend and found two shocking occurrences in the store. (And, no, one of the shocking occurrences was not that I left the store with only one item. Let’s be realistic here.)

Summer items were on clearance, and back to school items were taking over a large part of the store.

It’s July. Barely mid-July. In Maine, summer has just begun. We’re just now getting used to regular warm weather and frequent visits to the beach.

Do you know what our winters are like? We endure those winters in order to live in Vacationland during the summer.

The last thing I want to see in July are binders and pencil boxes.

G’s backpack is used to bring swimming gear, sunscreen, a water bottle and lunch to summer camp.

welcome back sign

This photo is from a Wordless Wednesday on 9.5.12. September. Not July.

Is it just me or is this back to school stuff early this year? It’s like seeing a giant blowup Santa in October.

Maybe I need to stay out of the stores for a while. I’m clearly not going to find any of my summer needs there.

Are you even thinking about back to school shopping yet?

The Inevitable Back to School / End of Summer Blog Post

Biz insisted that I take a picture of his backpack. He was very excited to wear the backpack. People listen when you wear a backpack.

So here it is. The blog post where I lament about how summer is over and the kids are back in school.

Maybe lament isn’t the best word.

Fall in Maine is pretty awesome. And it’s nice to have some normalcy in the household for a change. A regular schedule, if you will, that doesn’t change because of vacations and weather that just won’t let you work inside.

Summer was great, but it was chaotic. We’ve been so busy, I can barely remember what we did for the past few months. I know we went to New York City, and there were carnivals and landscaping projects, summer camps and visitors from away.

That was this summer, right?

This week marked the first days of school for my kids. G started 2nd grade on Tuesday, and Biz started his first year of preschool on Wednesday.

G’s first day was pretty uneventful since he’s used to the school thing now. I made a big deal out of Biz’s first day, though, because it was his first day of school ever. And he’s always had to watch his big brother in the spotlight this time of year.

Biz’s reaction to my doting over him on the morning of his first day of school?

“Why are you being so nice to me this morning, Mommy?”

Apparently, I’m not very nice to him in the morning.

I tried to explain to him how proud I am of him and how he’s going to love preschool. That this was the beginning of him becoming a big boy like his brother.

Biz was mostly excited about bringing a backpack to school because, as he said the night before, “I’m so ‘cited because all the kids are going to listen to me when I wear my pack pack.”

So, Mommy’s mean and kids don’t listen to him. It’s a tough life for Biz.

Anyway, the first day of school seemed to go well. I wasn’t too worried since it’s in the same location as his regular daycare. It involved a mouse that handed out Cheez-its for snack, a piece of “water” artwork that looks like a randomly cut piece of paper with purple scribbles on it, and dressing like a princess. That’s all normal for preschool, right?

I’m just happy the transitions are easy.

How was your end of summer / back to school transition?

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