Be My Guest (Blogger) in January!


A couple of weeks ago, I shared 70 things I enjoyed or endured in 2014. I admitted that I was not quite sure how I kept the blog going so consistently during such a crazy year. But I did it, and I’m happy with the posts I put out into the blogosphere. While #59 seemed… [Read More…]

Old School Blogging, Another Jennifer Style


You may have noticed some “old school blogging” happening around the blogosphere lately. It’s where bloggers are “tagged” and then answer questions about themselves. The questions are in an A – Z theme (see below). Well, I was tagged by Chris over at TheMomCafe. It’s been fun to read everyone’s answers, so I jumped on… [Read More…]

Wearing Your Logo

dress united

There’s something about wearing your logo on a piece of clothing that makes you feel more legit. Business cards and stickers are great, but a t-shirt or jacket makes a statement. Am I right? You’re saying, “Hey you! I’m bold enough to advertise my business across my chest.” Or something to that effect. I always… [Read More…]