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Last Sunday, my kids started their own business. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, their mom being an entrepreneur an all.

The business is called Buying Art Pictures Lane. (Biz came up with the name. G and I went with it.)

We've turned part of our second floor into an art studio and "store." G made the sign with Biz's direction.

We’ve turned part of our second floor into an art studio and “store.” G made the sign with Biz’s direction.

Biz has been talking about selling his art for a while now. I believe my husband and I planted the seed when we noticed how amazed he was with the artwork in some of his books. He would note how good the pictures were while we read to him. I remember telling him one night that maybe he could become an illustrator for kids books when he grew up. He was thoroughly intrigued when I told him people pay artists to draw pictures for books. That could explain why he boldly stated, “We’re going to get dollars for our art and be rich!”

Biz is always drawing. Always. He covers our walls and his daycare’s cupboards with his art. We had to buy him two big bulletin boards for his room because one wasn’t enough to display his art. He also creates a lot of 3-D art. He often works with mixed media. Scotch tape is a staple for him.

G’s no slouch either. Last year, his art was chosen to be shown at our local library. They had an artist’s reception and everything.

One of their favorite books is If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen. Between the beautiful illustrations and the creative car that is described, the book inspires my boys to imagine what kind of car they would build if they could.

It never gets old to see a child’s pure unadulterated excitement when they realize the sky is the limit. That they can make their dreams happen. (Sometimes I wish that innocence wasn’t so lost on adults.)

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

Toyota believes in the power of imagination and the dreams of a child. Their 8th annual Dream Car Art Contest reminded me of my boys’ favorite book. Kids from all over the world are encouraged to share their own artistic ideas of what dream cars of the future should look like. Last year more than 600,000 entries from more than 70 countries were received. One winner from each age category gets the opportunity to visit Japan with their families!

Sadly, the deadline to enter in America (excluding Hawaii) has passed. But there are still chances to enter in other countries and Hawaii. You can find the entry information here. You can bet I’m putting this contest on my calendar for next year.

Take a moment to watch this (sponsored) video from Toyota. It truly is beautiful. Watching the kids and their creativity gave me goosebumps.

What does your dream car look like?

Full disclosure: This post was sponsored by Toyota, but all text and thoughts are my own. 

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    This was the first thing I read this morning, while my 21 year old son is still sleeping. In the quiet of the house, you took me back to a time when he was small, and I tried to stay abreast of what creative ventures he wanted to try. Surprising him with an easel on his birthday is a big memory for me. Buying a butterfly kit and watching that metamorphoses, and them letting them loose to “fly to heaven” is another. Those are memories I will always cherish. The Easy-Bake-Oven is another, as is finger painting and also purchasing rolls of “butcher” paper for him to draw maps (still a great love of his!)

    You are doing a great service for your child, and I applaud your efforts. Live in each moment, Jennifer. They are so dear and magical. I miss them more than you know.

    Thank you for starting my day off with a little magic.
    Cathy Chester recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Frigid Temperatures Make Me Long For VacationMy Profile

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    Awesome! I was going to ask if Biz entered that contest, but there are MANY out there for him to try! What an awesome little entrepreneur!
    I hope he makes it FAR! He has an advantage: he’s getting started early. :)

    Love it! (And you don’t usually blog on Saturdays, eh?) I was checking FB for a second before I start my lesson plans this morning and thought I’d stop by. Have a wonderful weekend. :)
    Cyndi recently posted..Wonderful Wednesday: Winter Images of NatureMy Profile

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    Both my kids love to draw, but my older daughter can totally sit for hours and just draw happily. I will say my husband is an artist and hoping that maybe she will get some of his talent, too, because she sure does love it and can’t wait to see as she gets older. Thank you for sharing this and seriously put some smile on my face to watch that video this morning :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted..Let In Snow Thankful Things EditionMy Profile

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    My four y/o is a master of mixed media too. Tape, stickers, scissors, and glue sticks abound. We just got the book ‘If I Built a Car’ through the Imagination Library, a childhood literacy program started by Dolly Parton that delivers a book every month from infancy through a child’s 5th bday. The story is great and the illustrations are fabulous. Love that your son’s entrepreneurial spirit is already flourishing!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..TrailHeads Giveaway WinnerMy Profile

    • says

      Gotta love those fine motors skills in action. The practice will serve them well in kindergarten!

      Sadly, we received our last book from Raising Readers (Maine’s literacy program) at Biz’s 5 year well check yesterday. Sort of a bittersweet milestone. Those books are some of our favorites!
      anotherjennifer recently posted..Get Charged with RAVPowerMy Profile

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    I love that your sons have started a business! I look back at all my business endeavors when I was a child and feel that they really taught me a lot. All the best of luck to them, I look forward to hearing how it goes for them!
    Bev recently posted..My Top 5 Intentions for 2014My Profile


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