Philanthropy Friday: Six Lessons I Learned While Pledging to Donate Every Month

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Today is a travel day for Philanthropy Friday. I’m sending you over to GOOD.

Are you a member of GOOD yet? You should be. It’s a community for people who give a damn.

I’m reflecting on the six lessons I learned by donating every month through my Giving Pledge. Here’s a preview:

In February of 2012, I started my very own Giving Pledge. I was frustrated by the lack of donations to worthy nonprofits on my part at the end of 2011.

The problem was that my husband and I didn’t make giving a priority throughout the year. Once the “giving season” and the last chance to get those tax-deductible donations in arrived, we simply couldn’t afford to donate a lot of money all at once. Not many people can, I suspect.

I noted that waiting until the end of the year to donate money to a good cause is a terrible giving strategy.

I should know better, considering I’ve worked in nonprofit development and fundraising in some capacity for nearly 10 years. There’s a need for money year round, not just in December.

Since I declared my Giving Pledge –  to donate to at least one nonprofit each month – I’ve blogged about whom I’ve donated to and why. My goal was for my husband and I to give to more organizations and feel better about our philanthropic efforts at the end of the year.

After two full years of my Giving Pledge, I can safely say “mission accomplished.” Compared to my 2011, my charitable contributions when up significantly in 2012 and 2013. Looking back at my donations in these two years, I learned a few things about myself and my giving habits.

Read the full article Six Lessons I Learned While Pledging to Donate Every Month on GOOD and leave a comment if you have a moment.

I hope it will inspire you to consider your own giving pledge. It’s easier than you think. I promise.

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  1. Heading over right how. Great topic!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Pinterest Nightmare #719: Tell Your Cat You’re PregnantMy Profile

  2. oooh!! Going!!
    Tamara recently posted..Cry Me a Frozen Whovian River.My Profile

  3. Oh this is a good one! “Good”- get it? LOL!! Yeah- I know.

    And btw- I totally am a member because of you- and AND my best friend Tammy signed up for Love with food!!! Oh yeah baby!!
    Chris Carter recently posted..This Is How God Works: Part 2My Profile

  4. #1 & #4 are really big for me. I have donated time and money to organizations over the years because they have personal meaning to me or to someone I am close with, and I really like knowing what the money is going toward. One year for Sam’s birthday I “bought” him an alpaca field via Oxfam after we spent 5 months traveling in South America–it had so much meaning for both of us, and I really liked the idea of it (in theory) going toward something specific.
    Bev recently posted..My Top 5 Intentions for 2014My Profile

  5. Heading over there to check it out. Now I just have to remember my GOOD login info…
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..From the Mouths of BabesMy Profile

  6. These are some great lessons you’ve learned :) What has been your favorite charity/donation/cause thus far? I think you’re right that if you know where your money is going and have a follow up afterwards it helps solidify the fact that you helped someone. Great post Jennifer! Happy Friday -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted..The Irrationality of Irrational AngerMy Profile

  7. fantastic Jennifer! you know I am a mega supporter, and have certainly appreciated the support you have given me through your monthly pledge!
    Alexa recently posted..Lying Cold and on the FloorMy Profile

  8. Just read your post there and it is wonderful of course. I commented there. Giving consistently month to month does make it easier, and I love the personal connections that you share with us.
    Michelle recently posted..#AskAwayFriday with Beth from Structure in an Unstructured LifeMy Profile

  9. Im checking it out. I always am trying to find a way to give but I get lost in all the programs. This sounds like a good cause to invest in-thanks!
    Tess recently posted..White Chocolate Sunflower Butter CookiesMy Profile

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