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Package Pricing for Ease + Efficiency

Writers often charge by the hour, by the article, or even by the word. another jennifer writing lab prefers to keep things simple. Because each client and project is unique, we offer package pricing for our copywriting, blogging and new media consulting services. Package pricing means that we will come up with an agreement that defines exactly what the project will entail, including everyone’s accountabilities and a projected timeline. You will know the price of the project going into it, and it won’t change, unless the scope of the project changes. This approach keeps everyone on the same page from day one. It also tends to make the project run more efficiently.

With that said, there are two specific package rates that we offer to clients as standard services – social media training and month-to-month marketing planning.

One-on-One Social Media Training
Half Day Session (approximately 3 hours): $300

The One-on-One Social Media Training service is meant for business owners, sole proprietors and those within an organization who are looking to improve their knowledge of social media. This meeting can be in person, if you are in southern Maine, or via Skype. Whether you are setting up a Facebook page or looking to increase your engagement on LinkedIn, another jennifer writing lab can help. Jennifer can walk you through Facebook’s confusing privacy settings, translate Twitter language, show you how to best utilize LinkedIn or help you set up your blog in your session. The point is that it’s your session. It’s your chance to sit down with a social media expert, one-on-one, get your questions answered, work on your social media presence and pick up some new tips and tricks. This service is perfect for the person who knows what they want to do with social media for their business but needs some direction and training in order to succeed.

Month-to-Month Marketing Planning
Monthly Fee: $150

another jennifer writing lab works with a select number of clients on a month-to-month basis to help keep them on track with their marketing planning. This service typically starts with a 90-minute marketing strategy writing session, if the client does not have a defined plan. With this service, you commit to a 90-minute meeting each month to discuss the progress on your marketing efforts. This meeting can be in person, if you are in southern Maine, or via Skype. We set goals, measure the success of your marketing tactics, talk about your audience or where your referrals are coming from, among other things. We might even use the session to write new copy for your website or blog. In between meetings, you’ll receive emails from Jennifer to keep you on task with your goals. This service is designed for the busy business owner who needs a little extra support with their marketing planning and execution.

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