Philanthropy Friday: Zelda’s Mission

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Zelda overseeing packaging in the home bakery

Zelda overseeing packaging in the home bakery

Jenna Spear started Zelda’s Biscuit Bakery on a whim. She knew she wanted to do something focused on dogs, and she loved to bake. Starting a dog treat company made sense.

Zelda’s Biscuit Bakery produces healthy, grain-free dog biscuits using as many local resources as possible.

But Zelda’s Biscuit Bakery is more than just a small dog treat company out of Maine. They have a mission as well.

Jenna tells me two of her three dogs have had some serious behavioral problems. Determined to help them (and not give up as many dog owners might do), she found Sergei Bachkovsky at the Dog Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary of Maine. Jenna describes Sergei as Maine’s “dog whisperer,” who can work with just about any size or breed of dog. He worked with her dogs, and she saw incredible improvement. Improvement she couldn’t achieve with other trainers.

Zelda poses with two of her favorite humans: Jenna and Sergei

Wanting to give back to Sergei and his center, she decided to donate 10% of Zelda’s proceeds to the Dog Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary of Maine. Her goal is to donate $500 – $800 / year to the center.

Jenna also has a soft spot for “bully breeds.” As you can see from the pictures, Zelda is a Pit bull. And, well, Pit bulls don’t exactly have a good reputation. She saw her dog Zelda as the perfect face (and name) for her company. She wanted to show bully breeds in a positive manner. As Jenna notes, people comment on how cute the happy looking dog is in her packaging. No one notices Zelda is a Pit bull.

As for the dog treats, all of the biscuits are baked in small batches in Jenna’s home bakery. Her dogs Zelda, Oliver and Sadie are the official taste testers. She has developed a grain-free peanut butter and honey treat as well as a sweet potato and apple flavor treat. You can purchase the treats online or at a few select stores, mostly in Maine.

Lucky for me, I can buy these cause-driven treats in my neighborhood.

Do you have a dog? What kind of treats do you buy?

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