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The following article is a guest post from Clare Saxon, founder and editor for pplkind. I am also excited to announce that I am the Philanthropy Editor for pplkind. I hope you will visit the website and follow us (and maybe join us?) after reading this post! 

I recently launched a good news website, While I am still cooking up plans to make it something more than just a website, for now, the focus is on tracking humankinds’ positive evolution, to inspire giving to charity via daily news.


The idea for pplkind came about slowly, a reaction to the growing number of friends who had simply stopped reading or watching the news because it was just too horrible. Too disastrous. Too hopelessly, endlessly sad. And in a way, I was becoming similarly jaded in humans, and our future on this planet. Dominating the rolling news, breaking tweets and broadsheet headlines each day there seemed to be something more horrific and massive than the day before.

But I wasn’t happy to just switch off the news, because that obviously isn’t going to stop it happening. What sort of future would that be submitting to? Beyond the whole-of-humanity level to the purely personal – if I was ever going to seriously consider having a family in ten years, or supporting friends who decided to have children, then switching off was absolutely the worst thing I could do. I am not ready to give up hope in the future of humankind. This isn’t because I am naive. It is because I believe that most people are essentially good – and if we take the right paths we have the potential for a positive future. And because I try to, and can, see the great things that people are doing every day, I’m continuously inspired to accelerate this goodness – through positivity, giving to charity and supporting causes.

And the way to prove this potential to my dismissive friends, and people justifiably like them all around the world? Show them. Share evidence of people being good, people doing good, people making big breakthroughs. In short, people evolving.

The way I know how best to do this (because I do it for my day job) is writing news stories. So over the past 6 months, I set out to track and filter out the good news out there, and collate it in one place, with the help of writers from around the world.

Firstly though, I had to decide what, in my opinion, signified the opposite of regression – evolution. As there is no real answer, for now, I’ve chosen the general areas of: environmental awareness and action, collective intelligence and culture, disruptive policy and business, innovative technology, life-saving science, conflict resolution and of course, acts of kindness.

These stories, ranging from a homeless man returning a diamond engagement ring to game-changing dark matter research, are collective and tangible evidence of the positive evolution of humankind. And with the help of our growing network of writers around the world. we will show it is happening from the local to the national level.

But more than just sharing this good news, the stories set out to inspire action. Each article links to a global giving page listing charities related to the topic of the story. So if you’re impressed with Ghana’s progress in beating malaria, you could give to a related Ghanian or malaria charity. Or if your heart is warmed by a tale of great human kindness, you could give to a range of small social enterprises. Maybe you’re excited by innovations in sub-conscious dreams or cancer research; then give some change to people volunteering in this field.

With restored and rebooted faith in humankind, together we will keep the good going by giving more – and accelerate the positive progress of people.

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If you’re interested in writing for pplkind, please email or tweet #pplkind @pplkind

clareAs well as writing for pplkind, Clare is also the Global Digital Editor for international non-profit The Climate Group, and is a voluntary business mentor for HERA, which helps formerly human trafficked women become entrepreneurs. Clare also volunteers for several charities by advising them on their digital, social and editorial strategies — most regularly a children’s refuge called Mision Mexico. A lifetime environmentalist and animal-lover, she saves carbon by not eating meat, but her French bulldog, Enzo, makes up for that. But it’s OK, because this crazy eco dog is obsessed with litter picking/eating.


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    I’m not ready to give up on the hope of the future of humankind either. There is such a need for a website like this and for information like this to be out there for the world to see. Hope begets hope. Thank you for perpetuating this!
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  2. says

    It is so easy to get bogged down by all the bad and forget there is still so much good. What a great initiative. If only the news stations weren’t so driven by ratings, and would actually spend more time focusing on the good. Maybe it would rub off on everyone.

  3. says

    I attempt to watch the news almost every day but it is really depressing. I just want to hear some good news instead of all bad news, and the news getting worse as each day passes. It’s horrible to think of raising children in a world of bad, but in reality, there will always be more good than evil. The news just shows the evil because it draws in viewers. I absolutely love this concept!
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