Philanthropy Friday: Finding Your Muchness

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When I participated in Alexa’s Mother’s Day giveaway over at No Holding Back, I was secretly hoping to win the “Finding My Muchness” signature necklace. When I received the email that said I did, I was so happy to be able to pick three colors to wear around my neck. Colors to help me find my Muchess.

And, believe me, I’ve been looking for some extra Muchness as of late.


My Muchness signature necklace. I chose black (empowered), purple (gratitude) and red (passion) for my colors.

You might be wondering what Muchness is all about. Muchness is “that feeling of joy, optimism, positivity and happiness.” Tova Gold found that her Muchness went on an “extended leave” after she lost her identical twin girls when she was just six months pregnant. She started Finding My Muchness as part of her healing journey. (Read Tova’s story)

Finding My Muchness is a community website that sells inspirational accessories and informational products to help women re-find joy despite grief or trauma. Community members have often gone through life-changing struggles, including baby loss, illness or divorce.

Tova found her Muchness by doing simple things like wearing colorful clothes with lots of sparkles. Muchness can be as simple as dressing up for no reason and having an impromptu photo shoot in your garden.


Tova also created the Muchness Challenge “as a guide and inspiration to help people see their Muchness Moments.” According to Tova, it all happened very organically, but it was also about making the choice every day to CREATE a moment – even if it was as simple as wearing something cheerful and sparkly.

Oh, and she also has a book and speaks as well. When I asked Tova the impact her website community has had on herself and others, here is what she said:

“It is truly amazing what happens when you put yourself out there and simply hold a space for others to show up and say ‘I can do this- you watch and see.’ I’ve seen women emerge from shadows they’ve been walking in for YEARS simply by tuning into their Muchness. I’ve seen their confidence reemerge, I’ve seen them find their voice, reconnect to their potential. Women have gone from the dryness of grief to finding themselves and their light – some have started businesses around their reignited passions, others have gone on to lose a lot of weight, find new careers, propel their lives forward in ways they never imagined, yet somehow knew they could.

I’m not technically ‘an expert’ – I’m not a coach or a therapist – I just believe in the power that exists within all of us and I help women see that power and beauty within themselves. Through my book, my products, my speaking and writing I help them remember what that part of them looks like, what it feels like to reconnect with that inner beauty and uniqueness and then give them ‘permission’ to just OWN it.

We spend so much of our lives being afraid, asking permission, not wanting to stand out or being afraid of attracting negative judgements or opinions. But we are all our own harshest critics and when we allow ourselves to let go of that and love ourselves a bit, we can soar.”

Muchness-BookTova recognizes the many women who helped her through her grief, and still do. Her way of giving back and paying it forward is to inspire others to find their own strength.

Are you ready to find your Muchness?

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  1. Oh, I love this idea and the necklace is gorgeous. Congrats. What a wonderful thing to do to work through any grief by giving back. I love this Muchness idea!
    Cathy Chester recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: The Magic Of A GardenMy Profile

  2. Gorgeous necklace and truly love this idea. Also huge congrats on winning it and love how things that this just work our perfectly!! :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted..IUD Birth Control Is Harder to Come By Than Viagra (FTSF)My Profile

  3. What a lovely idea! I’m so glad that you won that necklace just as you needed a little boost of muchness! I’m going to check out Tova’s book, too. It’s beautiful when people use their struggles and the wisdom they gain from them to help other people. –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Pinterest Nightmare #563: The Desk SandboxMy Profile

  4. Love the idea of finding my muchness … so very much ;)
    sisters from another mister recently posted..Savor LifeMy Profile

  5. Love the Much Ness necklace, love Tova, love Muchness… been a long time since I wrote about Muchness. Glad you won it too!
    Alexa recently posted..Throwback ThursdayMy Profile

  6. I’m very ready to find my muchness. Often I think that with living with Scarlet, finding our muchnesses (is that the plural?) together is really inevitable.
    Every day has some fabulousness in it. Even the horrible days, and we’ve had those recently.
    Tamara recently posted..In Which I’m Interviewed By a Sports Reporter.My Profile

  7. I think I love Tova. I mean how can I NOT love someone who has a mission like this?

    ” I just believe in the power that exists within all of us and I help women see that power and beauty within themselves.”

    And you winning that necklace? Oh girl… you KNOW what I’m thinking!! Just another beautiful gift from your loving God, who continues to speak hope and strength into your heart. Oh how He adores you!!! (*Tears*)
    Chris Carter recently posted..It Takes A Good Woman To Know One: TToT Women’s EditionMy Profile

  8. Oh wow, what a wonderful prize to win! I love that Tova turned a personal tragedy into something some wonderful and beautiful for herself and others. Congrats on winning the necklace, you deserve it!
    Bev recently posted..Owning the title of woman entrepreneur: An interview with Jenn AubertMy Profile

  9. Oh muchness. Sometimes I find mine easily and sometimes I search all day. But dedicating ones like to helping people find there’s? Amazing.
    Tricia recently posted..Lovely little things, 22My Profile

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