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Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds, the founders of Indigenous, have a vision to style the world in organic, fair trade fashion.

It all started back in 1993 with a trip to South America, where Scott discovered the amazing knitting techniques of the local artisans.

Since then, Scott and Matt have been committed to sustainability and socially responsible actions. All of the clothing from Indigenous is artisan hand-made, comes from fair trade artisan cooperatives, and uses organic fibers and environmentally-friendly dyes.

The really cool part is that each item from Indigenous includes what they call a Trace Tool on the hang tag. A QR code that actually tells you about the artisan that made your garment. You can even hear the artisan tell her own story via video.

The hope is that knowing where your garments come from will help you shop more mindfully.

Though I’m no fashion blogger, I was elated when Indigenous sent me a tassel scarf and asked me to style it as part of their #worthwearing campaign. As you can see by the pictures, I styled my scarf with some Banana Republic jeans, a simple black sweater and some black boots.

I wore this outfit on a cold, snowy day where I also walked quite a bit outside (thus the boots). I did some errands during the day and went out to a casual dinner in the evening. So, the scarf not only looked stylish, it also kept me warm throughout the day.

I never realized how incredibly comfortable organic clothing really is. I’m not typically a big scarf wearer because they tend to irritate my neck after a while. This scarf was so soft and easy to wear, part of me didn’t want to take it off at the end of the day.

Eco fashion that looks good and is comfortable. That’s certainly worth wearing.

How would you style a tassel scarf from Indigenous?

Disclosure: I received a complimentary tassel scarf to aid in the writing of this post. All opinions expressed, of course, are my own. 

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    You look fabulous in that scarf! I wear scar es with everything since I fond that a warm neck helps me keep everything warm. I’d weat tbat svarf with everything from my yoga clothes to a dress. What a great story they have too! I like the idea of us knowing the story behind where our clothes came from.

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