Philanthropy Friday: Conscious Shopping

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Conscious BoxConscious Box promotes conscious shopping by allowing people to discover the most ethical and sustainable products on the planet every month.

A subscription to Conscious Box gets you a variety of natural and pure products, from organic foods to vegan beauty products delivered straight to your door.

The company grew out of a personal vision of its core three founders: Jameson Morris, Jesse Richardson and Bjorn Borstelmann. Jameson tells me, “We’ve each been intimately involved with sustainability, nature and supporting organizations and businesses that do more for the planet since we were kids, so Conscious Box is equally, if not more of, a passion project than a business.”

Jameson and Jesse created Organic Soul at the same time Bjorn was building his business, Formalitees. They put their backgrounds together to “create a more ethical ethos surrounding the idea of ‘business’.”

Since product sampling is one of the best avenues for natural product companies to be discovered, they decided to start a fun service where consumers can try out sustainable and ethical products on a monthly basis. Each monthly Conscious Box also includes daily living tips. Customers can even earn points that they can use to purchase their favorite products in the full size version at discounted prices.

The goal is to promote better, more conscious shopping by consumers.


When asked why we should be “conscious” shoppers, Jameson believes “being a conscious shopper means more than just buying organic or following some sustainable trend – it means being aware and alert to how your actions and habits affect the world around you.” He notes that we live in a world of consumption.

“Resources are finite, human rights and ethics differ from country to country, despite us all deserving respect, and our morning coffee can have larger ramifications than just a rumbly tummy. We need to be conscious shoppers to counteract the negatives that come along with modern convenience. Our consumption habits, whether we like it or not, lead to environmental disasters, human rights catastrophes, and unsustainable trade patterns. The implication of why we “should” we conscious boils down to that fact that it is morally correct to preserve, rather than destroy, our planet and its resources. Not just for us, but for our children, grandchildren, and grandchildren’s children.”

For Jameson and Conscious Box, giving backs means going beyond what we think are the normal things to do for our planet. Recycling, minimizing waste, being conservative with our resource use, be it gasoline or electricity – these are all things they believe we should do as part of a culture of giving back.

Conscious Box is an active member for 1% for the Planet, a growing global movement of more than 1,000 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of more than 3,000 approved environmental organizations worldwide. They also provide charities with boxes for fundraising and work to set an example for other businesses and people to follow. A “better” way to do business.

Jameson and his team at Conscious Box truly believe their efforts have had a positive impact on people’s lives and the wellness of the planet. They’ve helped raise funds for meaningful causes, from autism awareness to animal rights. They’ve helped support businesses that are making products that don’t damage the earth.

Says Jameson,”we believe we’ve done something truly meaningful with our business, and we hope we can continue to make a difference.”

Do you consider yourself a conscious shopper?

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    I love, love this post! I totally believe in trying to be a conscious consumer and I’m well-aware that the US penchant for having the latest technology, for example, is an environmental disaster: yesterday’s products leak heavy metals into landfills and groundwater…or that companies go to other countries and exploit people to mine ores needed for computers and cell phones and they effectively destroy the landscape of many towns and cities in other parts of the world. It’s sobering, for sure. While technology is a necessity, I definitely try to wait to get new products (I still have a dumbphone) and I try to buy refurbished instead of new – that way I help keep e-waste to a minimum. The laptop I have now is 4 years old and in need of an upgrade, but it’s been GREAT…and it was refurbished when I bought it. I’ll look for another refurbished one in the near future. :)
    Cyndi recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Guest Post: RandomcreativeMy Profile

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      Mac makes some great refurbished products. I recently had to replace a refurbished laptop that I had for years. Apple also has a recycling program, so I don’t have to worry about the disposal. There are so many considerations we should make when we shop. I’m learning more about how to make smart shopping decisions!

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      There’s certainly a lot to consider. I think the first step is knowing that your purchase can have an effect on the environment and people all over the world. Crazy, isn’t it?

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    I love the growing popularity of these sample boxes. I get a Birchbox every month since I”m a beauty product junkie and I get to try products that I would otherwise not be able to afford. BUT Conscious box seems worth the investment for much more worthy reasons! Thank you!
    ilene recently posted..Facing Fears and Finding FreedomMy Profile

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