Philanthropy Friday: A Repreve for the Planet

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REPREVE Green BeaniesWhile watching the Winter X Games recently, I came across a company named Repreve. They were advertising these really neat looking hats made from recycled materials.

Intrigued, I immediately visited the Repreve website to find out more.

Created by textile manufacturer Unifi, Inc., Repreve is a fiber made from recycled materials, including plastic water bottles.

Cool, right? Because what the heck are we going to do with all the plastic water bottles that we are so needlessly using?

According to Roger Berrier, president and COO of Unifi, “Repreve presents an exciting opportunity for our company to educate consumers that plastic bottles don’t belong in landfills, and that they can be recycled into products like clothes, performance apparel, outerwear and even car interiors.”

It takes more than 100 years for a plastic bottle to decompose in the landfill. More than 410 million plastic bottles were reclaimed and reused in 2012 Repreve U.S. production.

A fan recycling at one of the REPREVE recycling stations at the X Games

A fan recycling at one of the REPREVE recycling stations at the X Games

Repreve began as a demonstration of Unifi’s commitment to product innovation and sustainability. As textile manufacturers faced a difficult economy, they were looking for ways to reinvent the company. After three years in development, Repreve was introduced to the market in 2007.

Though others have since followed suit, Repreve is a leader in the recycled products industry. They are dedicated to high quality products and transparent, sustainable solutions. Even their operations are landfill-free.

As a recycling sponsor at the Winter X Games in Aspen, they partnered with snowboard medalist Elena Hight who served as Repreve brand ambassador to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and what can happen to plastic bottles when you recycle them.

Says Berrier, “We encourage consumers to choose products made with recycled materials like Repreve because they help sustain our natural resources and protect our environment.”

Repreve also gives back by donating a portion of sales to environmental causes. I love that you can vote for one of three great causes on their website so that they can put their money where their customers are most passionate.

You can take a look at their website to see all the neat things that are made with Repreve. Certainly a textile to remember when you are making your next purchase.

Do you pay attention to what the textiles you wear and use are made from?

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  1. says

    How cool is that company! I try really hard not to buy things in bottles especially water but it’s really hard. It is just so convenient. And to top it all off in our area where we are rural we bring our own garbage to the garbage site so recycling is a real pain.

    I always feel so guilty if I don’t recycle every little thing.(glass, paper,plastic, cans) I’d love to have a better system for organizing and storing my stuff however bugs in the house/ wild animals outside are a real problem.
    jen recently posted..don’t miss this my friendsMy Profile

    • says

      I hate it when towns make recycling so difficult. But it’s hard in a rural area. We’re lucky in that we have recycling pick up every Friday. We don’t even have to sort it out. Very handy. We’re to the point where we have very little trash.

  2. says

    It is really important for folks to know that there are other options when it comes to their water bottles. I have seen a few companies do similar when it comes to office supplies. It’s pretty amazing what they can make out of “trash”.
    Michelle recently posted..Animation FascinationMy Profile

  3. says

    I love those hats! I have heard of a few companies that manufacture from recycled materials but not Repreve. I think we need to make less plastic water bottles and repurpose the ones that are already there – like they are doing.
    ilene recently posted..Down ThereMy Profile

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