Only in Maine…

As I was drinking my coffee this morning, I flipped through the latest edition of the Mid-Coast Forecaster, a weekly publication that covers news and events from my local area. One of my favorite parts of the paper is the Police Beat. It’s the place where you find funny descriptions of the recent police blotter in your town.

I’d love to be the person writing these blurbs.

This week’s Police Beat for Brunswick did not disappoint. Check out this gem:

Forecaster Police Beat excerpt

From the Mid-Coast Forecaster Brunswick Police Beat: March 14

Yup. That’s Maine for you.

My state may be largely rural, but you’re not going to find a bunch of road kill just lying around.

Not if it’s edible.

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    Wait, we learn from the best, I watched a video, maybe Huffingtown Press that interviewed a taxidermist in the outskirts of London, suburbs, that has not eaten farm produced meat in something like 23 years. Strictly road kill. He too is on the speed dial for the local police. He, mind you, is taking care of two birds (or rabbits or etc.) with one stone.

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