On HuffPost Divorce: 18 Damn Good Reasons to Embrace Being Single

I like being single.

After nearly 20 years of being in a relationship with one person, it’s nice to have some me time.

I don’t quite understand how people can end a serious, committed relationship and jump right into another one.

Since my divorce, I’ve taken the time to process what happened to my marriage and what I truly want in my life.

I’m happy, doing exactly what I want with whom I want, and I’m comfortable in my skin.

People tend to equate being single with being lonely. But there’s a big difference between being lonely and being alone.

I am surrounded by love. A lot of love.

I’ve gone on plenty of dates. Some have been quite lovely actually. I’m not looking for a husband though.

I joke that dating and hanging out with my married friends remind me of why I enjoy being single.

I may have uttered the words “I don’t have to answer to anyone” in delight a few times.

I guess it was fitting that HuffPost Divorce asked me to weigh in on why being single is “pure, unadulterated bliss.” 

Read: 18 Damn Good Reasons To Embrace Being Single

I may have contributed more than one reason. 😉



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