New Perspectives: Allowing Ourselves to Feel


Today’s a travel day on another jennifer. I’m over at the New Approaches blog telling the story of a time where I fought my emotions while shooting a video for a substance abuse treatment center  I worked for.

Too often we mask our emotions when we really just need to feel them. 

Sound familiar to you?

My post is the latest addition to the popular New Perspectives SeriesThe goal of the series is to shed new light on mental health, wellness, and just being a human being.

I met Hannah, the author of New Approaches, several years back when we both worked for a mental health agency in Portland, Maine. Hannah is a licensed clinical social worker and is rare in that she can actually write about things like relationships, worthiness, emotions and life in a very thoughtful and insightful way. (Most social workers I know get too caught up in the clinical piece when writing.)

Hannah has a thriving private practice and is working to reframe how we look at mental health. I know you’ll love her posts, so don’t forget to read a few while you are over there. You might also remember her guest post over here, (Not So) Great Expectations.

Read my post, Allowing Ourselves to Feel

You can also read more posts in the New Perspectives series. And feel free to contact Hannah if you think you might want to contribute to the series.

So, fess up. Do you fight your emotions?

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