My 2010 Year in Review + Goals, not Resolutions, for 2011

I’ve never been one to make resolutions in the new year. I’m much better with goals. Goals just seem more attainable. And, we talk about goals year-round. Conversations around resolutions tend to peak about mid-January and then fizzle from there.

First, a quick year in review.
The year 2010 was a pretty good one for me and my family. We had a few fun adventures with the whole family, including our first camping trip (with dogs) in Camden, Maine and a brief (though eventful) excursion to New York City the week before Christmas. I completed two graduate courses, while my husband dipped his toes into teaching undergraduate accounting, both at Southern New Hampshire University (in Brunswick, ME). The two of us also saw a few good concerts, including Breaking Benjamin and Guster. Best of all, we continue to love the work that we do day after day.

Biz turned 2 in November, while G turned 5 in July. Biz spoke his first sentence in March (“I want it”) and started the process of potty training. And, though he was a little hard to understand at first, now talks as much as, if not more, than his older brother. G lost 4 of his baby teeth, all around major holidays – two right before Independence Day, one on Christmas Eve and one on New Year’s Eve – and got 7 stitches in his arm. He also graduated preschool, started kindergarten and revealed more of his artistic side.

Oh yeah. I also started this blog. No complaints here regarding 2010. Really, I feel truly blessed.

Now, for my 2011 goals.
If I write them down, I’m more able to focus on them. Not to mention, remember them. Here goes:

  • Continue to develop this blog. (I have a vision.)
  • Complete my graduate work in nonprofit leadership at SNHU.
  • Be present and patient. (I am still amazed by what I accomplish when I take these simple steps. I just wish they weren’t so hard for me to do.)
  • Gain more freelance writing gigs.
  • Live more philanthropically (and figure out what this means in the process).
  • Take time for myself. I mean really take Time. For. Me. And not be left with unused vacation time at the end of the year.
  • Eat more bacon. (Does this count as a goal? It does now.)
  • Get my art back on. (I have a functional art room, supplies and a bunch of projects I’d like to work on. Time to act.)
  • Simplify anything and everything I am able to.
  • Dance with my kids more. 2010 didn’t have nearly enough dance parties.

Happy 1.1.11. Hope you’re off to a good start.

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    Laura, that’s a great idea. Printing out my goals and putting them in front of me will not only remind me of them, but it will give me the opportunity to cross them off when they are done. I love that!

    Hope you have a great year as well. Thanks for reading!


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