Mother of the year moment

I live in Maine. When people think of my state, they often think of two things: lobsters and snow.

When you live in Maine, you need to be prepared for any kind of weather. You never know if it’s going to be shorts weather or snowing. Sometimes, you start the day in shorts and end in jeans and sweatshirt. Or vice versa.

We have 5 seasons here: winter, spring, mud, summer and fall.

You’d think, on the first week of November, we’d be ready for snow.

You’d think we’d have things like winter jackets, snow pants, hats, gloves and boots ready to go.

And we do. We just apparently don’t have any that fit my children.

siberian husky in snow

My Siberian husky, Kailua, is always well equipped for the snow.

Thursday morning, when we awoke to a couple inches of snow on the ground, neither one of my boys had boots to wear.

I’d like to say that it was all a surprise to me. That I just didn’t realize how big my boys’ feet were getting or that the mountains of boots in the closet wouldn’t fit.

But, the truth is that we totally knew that G’s boots no longer fit him when we hit the muddy apple orchard a little while back and he ended up having to wear some old sneakers instead. At the same time, we had Biz try on all of G’s old boots and promptly put them into a Goodwill pile. (Biz has huge feet for his age. He can’t wear footy pajamas because of this fact. His feet don’t fit in the footy part, while the rest of the pajamas are swimming on him.)

I’ve lived in New England most of my life. I understand the fickleness of the weather. (Did I just us the word fickleness?)

Heck, it snowed the day before Halloween last year.

I probably should’ve gone out and bought them some boots by now.

I figured one day wouldn’t kill them walking on snow in their sneakers. But school won’t let the kids play in the snow at recess without boots and a snowsuit. (Gotta get one of those too. I’m pretty sure G’s too big for last year’s.) G was relegated to a small paved area in the schoolyard with the other kids whose moms didn’t prepare for the weather.

To make matters worse, G came home and showed me large holes in his gloves.

He survived, of course, but it didn’t exactly make me feel like I’d be winning any mother of the year award this week. Darn those well-prepared moms with their new boot and glove wearing kids on a cold and snowy day.

Guess what we’ll be doing today?

Have you had a mother of the year moment? 

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    We had a huge snowstorm yesterday that caught me off guard. My kids are 14-21 so it’s not like they need quite the same things. I did, however, learn yesterday that my daughter has a hole in the bottom of her sneaker that I didn’t know about. Guess we’ll be doing some shopping today, too.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a great weekend.
    misssrobin recently posted..When I Couldn’t Do LaundryMy Profile

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    Okay…I confess, I am one of those moms that has the winter gear bought in the summer on some clearance sale or once upon a child. I am one of those moms, that has the bins sorted for the next season. I am not TOO crazy though, it’s not like every single clothing article is tagged and cleaned and all that! I just buy things I know the kids will need when they are on sale. Once upon a child has been my very best friend! I go there in the summer when all the winter gear is stocked and ready for the picking!!! :) It’s not just the kids though…my neurosis spreads into other things too…like finding xmas gifts through out the year and storing them, etc!
    Chris Carter recently posted..Divided Attention…My Profile

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      My mom is the same way! I clearly didn’t inherit this trait from her, though my sister did. I hate buying things ahead of time because I’m always afraid clothes or shoes won’t fit when I need them. I so should have bought boots by now for the boys though. Oops!

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    My kids are grown and gone from the house but I don’t really remember buying very many boots or snowsuits. We homeschooled so there weren’t any requirements to have them. I know we had them a few times but I think we mostly just made do with whatever we had on hand. They always played in the snow – I just can’t remember what they wore.

    I’m inconsistent, though, so one year I would have been prepared and the next I wouldn’t. Just depends on the day!

    If that’s the worst you do, I’d say you’re doing an awesome job.

    Visiting from SITS. recently posted..Tomato-Basil Pita PizzasMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks, Patty!

      Living in Maine, boots and snowsuits are pretty much a requirement no matter what. I’ve actually thought about buying my own snowsuit so I don’t get my pants so wet trudging through all the snow in Jan/Feb. So, it’s sort of a “duh” moment too. :)

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      I always snickered when I saw those kids get off the bus in shorts when it was cold out. Then, I realized the moms totally didn’t know. Sneaky kids! I’m sure that will happen to me in the future.

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    Um, yeah. My kids went to school (and daycare) without boots also. In my defense… ok, there is none. I just haven’t pulled them out of the depths of the closet in the kids’ room. It is a VERY big closet. I did at least carry my youngest to the car so he didn’t have to walk through the snow. Does that count for anything?

    I’m very sad to say that that isn’t even what qualifies me for Mother of the week/month/year award recently. Maybe I’ll work up the gumption to post about that next week.
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