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mind your own business radio

I teased you a bit on Wednesday with my “on the air” Wordless Wednesday photo of a microphone. I had recorded an interview on the Mind Your Own Business Radio show, where I talked about how I use social media to inform my small business.

As I write this, my part of the show has already aired and Nancy Marshall, Maine’s PR maven, is talking about branding.

Since many of you expressed interest in hearing the show, I promised to post links to the audio. You can find them in this post: Social Media for Business. There are options to download the first hour, the second hour or just my interview. (I’m the first guest in the first hour, in case you’re wondering.)

Oh, and at the end of the interview, Debi always tells her guests to “Mind your own business!” And the guest is supposed to say something witty or snarky or fun. Well, I messed that one up because I had already said what I was going to say. So, when you hear Debi say “Mind your own business!” picture me saying: “If I did, I wouldn’t have anything to blog about!” OK? Thanks.

Have you ever been on the radio? Did you like it?

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      This was taped, but we did it all at once. I don’t think anything was edited. Live is definitely more nerve-racking. I still love radio because you can just be yourself and you don’t have to worry about what you look like.

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