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Disclosure: I received a RAVPower 5600mAh external battery charger to aid in the writing of this post. As per usual, all words and opinions expressed are my own. 


RAVPower specializes in high quality external batteries that allow users to charge their smartphones and tablets on the go.

I had the opportunity to test out a 5600mAh external battery charger. As Randy from RAVPower noted in an email, “it’s a handy charger that allows you to charge your iPhone twice or more.”

I wish I had received my RAVPower a week earlier so I could have taken it with me on my long road trip from Maine to Syracuse, New York. During the trip we had chargers for our phones, tablets and my laptop. We utilized every adapter in my Ford Explorer during that trip. Once we got to the hotel room, I took up almost all of the outlets to ensure all of our devices were juiced when we next needed them. (What can I say. We are a technology-driven family.)

If you relate to wandering around the airport looking for an open outlet to charge your dying phone before a connecting flight or arriving to a breakout session at a conference early so you can get the “good seats” by the outlets or power strips (if it’s a good conference), you’ll understand the convenience of having a portable charger.


While I didn’t get the full experience of using the charger on the go, here’s what I liked about the RAVPower 5600mAh external battery charger in everyday life:

  • It was easy to use straight from the box. While you will need to connect the external battery to a mini AC adapter, PC USB port (I connected mine to my iMac) or car charger USB port device to charge the charger every now and then, it came fully charged and ready to be used. I glanced at the product diagram (above) and directions and was good to go.
  • Both my husband and I can use the same charger, despite the fact that I have an iPhone and he has an Android phone. Not at the same time, of course, but we could switch phones easily using the appropriate USB connectors for our phones.
  • You can easily use your device while charging it. The obvious feature for this product, besides making charging easy on the go, is that you don’t have to be connected to an outlet while charging. Because sometimes we need to use our device while we charge!
  • The power bank will actually detect when your device is fully charged and go into saving mode to avoid overcharging. I like this feature because I’ll leave my phone or tablet to charge and totally forget about it. According to RAVPower, the “high capacity of 5600 mAh can triple the battery life for your mobile device.”
  • The adapter can also be used as a flashlight. I didn’t have a use for this, but I can see the feature being handy in a pinch, particularly while camping.
  • A “bonus flannel bag” is included to carry your external charger. Not a deal breaker for me, but it’s handy to have a pouch to hold the power bank, particularly when I’m stuffing many cables and connectors into a bag for a trip.

You can read more about or purchase this RAVPower external battery charger on Amazon.

As a special bonus for another jennifer readers, Randy at RAVPower offered a 5600mAh external battery charger as a giveaway!
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Could you use an external battery charger?

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  1. says

    I could so use this! This would have come in handy countless times last year. The worst is when you are traveling all day and all the chargers are taken at the airport. Or when you are driving and the only chargers are already taken up by the rest of the members of your family. Yes, we too are technology driven Jen! My teenagers don’t go anywhere without their devices.
    Michelle recently posted..Meet ‘Em MondaysMy Profile

  2. says

    Seriously, could have used this when we had Hurricane Sandy last year. I mean granted that was something that hopeful will never happen here again on that caliber, but if we ever lose power for any reason again, would be great to have. Also, if we do g=take any road trips, I would definitely love to try this one out. Thanks so much for the giveaway and fingers crossed here :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted..The PINcentive Blog Hop: Week 18My Profile

  3. says

    For my Disney trip with the family! Although that’s next week and even if I do win, I won’t get it by then. I have to tell you – I enter a lot of giveaways..because they rocks..but I don’t always want them as badly as I want this.
    GREAT review/giveaway.
    Tamara recently posted..Me Before You.My Profile

  4. says

    OMG…I TOTALLY need this. I know it sounds horrible, but when we went to NYC recently we actually packed not one but TWO surge protector outlet thingys with 6 plugs each so we could all charge all of our devices when we needed to. Isn’t that awful!! Even so, I found myself conserving my phone use so I didn’t wear down my battery while we were out and about. I’d LOVE this!!! I am keeping all my crossables crossed !!! Squee!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Hey Girl, You Really Are A MILF!My Profile

  5. says

    I could definitely use this! My phone battery doesn’t always last through the day, and if I’m out and about I can’t always charge it in the car. With three phone users in our house and another coming soon, I may need more than one!
    Dana recently posted..One fierce mama (guest post)My Profile

  6. Ginger says

    This would be great for our motorcycle camping trips! Finding an outlet at area restaurants usually gets a strange look :)

  7. Rocco says

    I would definitely make sure it stays in my everyday carry bag. Phone signal at work isn’t the greatest and I do not have an outlet readily available nearby. This would pretty much guarantee making it through 12 hour shifts without having to sweat it.


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