Full Moon Madness

Is it just me, or does this recent full moon have everyone on edge?

My husband and I usually know when there’s a full moon without even looking up at the sky. Our boys just get a little extra hyper and take la little longer to settle down at night.

This full moon – the full wolf moon – has me feeling all crazy too. Maybe it’s also because we’re barely in the new year. I’m getting bombarded by all those meetings and things that were previously put on hold around the holidays. You know, the Let’s revisit this in the new year or Once the holidays are over I want to talk about ___. Everyone’s so eager in the first week of January!

Whatever it is, I find that I keep reminding myself that things aren’t as overwhelming as I might be feeling. That what I’m feeling is probably the same full moon madness that has made it nearly impossible to stop my 3 year old from spinning in circles over and over and over again while I try to get him dressed and ready for bed. The same madness that has made my 6 year old tell me he wants to go to bed before dinner is on the table.

Even my dogs, who look like wolves, are acting crazy, howling about wanting to come inside and then outside and then inside again. All day long.

This full moon is called the full wolf moon after the wolf packs that howled hungrily outside Indian villages during the cold and deep snows of mid-winter. It was technically on January 9th at 2:30am, so I’m hoping we’re heading back to normalcy.

How about you? Has the full wolf moon made everyone around you crazy?

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    My kids are both under the weather, so didn’t see much of an effect on them. But I was definitely feeling crazed the past few days. I associated it with the weather, but the Wolf Moon makes more sense (and sounds more fun – “What’s wrong with you?” “Oh, you know, the Wolf Moon…”).
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