Philanthropy Friday: Working With a Purpose


I recently read an article on The Guardian’s website about how working for a charity can make you happier. The author used two nonprofit professionals as examples of how working in the third sector can make you feel liberated. Both had strong personal connections to the causes for which they worked. They felt happier because they were… [Read More…]

Setting Life on Fire


She faces the great danger of losing all hope and happiness and being bored and sad for the rest of her life–and never sharing her gifts with the world! It’s almost too late already! These words were spoken by Annie in Leprechaun in Late Winter, a book from the Magic Tree House series. Annie and… [Read More…]

For now, a haiku


Have you ever had so much to say that you can’t find the words? That’s me right now. I’ve turned to writing haiku when this has happened in the past. I can’t share that writing here, but it helped me process life around me. Life is good right now. Really good. I’ll find the words… [Read More…]