Upcoming Classes in Freeport, Worcester and Online!

I’m excited to share three upcoming classes I will be teaching in May and June. While two are in-person classes in the New England area, the third is a free online webinar I will be offering through Sverve. I hope you will join me for at least one of them!

If you like the sound of these classes feel free to drop me a line. I offer private workshops and am available to speak at local and national conferences and events. I’m always open to offering online classes as well. You can view my classes and workshops page for a list of topics I typically cover.



Using Your Social Media Influence for Social Good: Online

I am excited to partner with Sverve once again for a webinar dedicated to those interested in using social media for social good! 

We work hard at building our blogs and growing our social media networks. Most of us strive to provide good content and engage with our readers. We might even earn some cash from time to time from our blogs and social media channels. Why? Because readers, brands and public relations companies understand that our words mean something. That people are listening to what we have to say.

Imagine what kind of change we can make in the world if we used our social media influence for social good. Not only do we empower our readers to become advocates for the causes they care for, we also feel good about giving back.

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Register for Using Your Social Media Influence for Social Good for FREE! (registration is required to access the webinar)


Business Blogging 101: Freeport, Maine

This local blogging class is being offered through RSU5 Recreation and Community Education, which covers Freeport, Pownal and Durham, Maine.

Writing and maintaining a blog for your business is a great way to keep in front of customers or clients on a regular basis while positioning yourself as an expert in your field. A blog is also a great way to drive traffic to your website and rank you higher in search engines. In short, a blog is an extremely inexpensive way to market yourself, your products and/or services.

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When: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST

Where: Freeport High School, Room: 102, Holbrook Street, Freeport, ME 04032

Price: $30.00 (residents),  $35.00 (non-residents)

Registration: Online or print the Course Registration Form and mail or drop off the form locally


Marketing Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention and Recovery Programs: Worcester, MA

This class will be offered at the 45th annual New England School of Addiction Studies and the 14th annual School of Prevention Studies. The program will take place at Worcester State University in Worcester, MA from June 9 – 12, 2014. My class will be offered as part of the Operational Management: Addiction Field Concentration track. Check out the full course list and course descriptions and register.

Most substance abuse treatment, prevention and recovery programs do not have the luxury of big marketing budgets or even a designated staff marketing person. Coupled with the stigma that comes along with substance use disorders, marketing and branding an organization becomes challenging, to say the least. Managers are tasked with promoting programs on shoestring budgets and little education on the intricacies of marketing. This course will examine various concepts and strategies for developing an integrated marketing communications plan – that includes traditional and social media strategies – within your organization.

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What classes might you be interested in taking?

Join Me to #FightToxins

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Seventh Generation, but the text, thoughts and worries are my own. 

I do my best to shop consciously. I often consider the impact my purchases will make on the environment and my own health.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve become far more aware of the dangers that lurk in the simple things we use every day, such as the chemicals in household cleaners. There are certain brands that make me feel sick after I’ve used them. I don’t use those brands anymore, but it makes me wonder what the heck was in those bottles.

Being in charge of my two boys’ lives is something I don’t take lightly. While I can’t keep them in a bubble (darn it), I can pay attention to what they are exposed to.

Did you know?


We’ve all heard of the dangers of Bisphenol A (BPA), but what about the chemicals we don’t hear about? I was surprised to find out that more than 80,000 chemicals available in the United States have never been fully tested for their toxic effects on our health and environment. 80,000!

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was passed in 1976, and unlike other major environmental laws, has never been updated.  I was born in 1976. That’s a long time to leave such an important law dormant. Because of the lack of action, tens of thousands of potentially harmful chemicals continue to be used in the marketplace without proper testing and without disclosure by the companies that produce them.

What’s the risk?


Exposure to toxic chemicals can cause a whole host of health problems. Scientists have linked exposure to toxic chemicals to Cancer, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, asthma, birth defects, and various reproductive problems.

What you can do: Demand that Congress reevaluate the Toxic Substances Control Act for the first time since 1976 

I signed the petition for safer chemicals and asked Congress to hold companies responsible for the safety of the ingredients they use. I hope you will join me.

With your help, Seventh Generation will spread awareness about the 37 year-old TSCA and start conversations about how it fails to protect the health of the general public. The goal is for the “Toxin Freedom Fighters” to deliver 100,000 signatures to Congress on April 30, 2014. I hear we are getting close!

In addition to signing the petition, you can also help spread the word about the #FightToxins campaign through your social media network. Seventh Generation has some great images you can share on their FightToxins.com website.

Will you join me to #FightToxins and help spread the word? 

For additional background on the TSCA, visit this website.

I wrote this post as part of the Global Team of 200, a highly specialized group of Mom Bloggers for Social Good members who focus on maternal health, children, hunger, and women and girls. It is part of a 24-hour blog carnival. You can read more newborn health posts on the Global Team of 200 site.

Philanthropy Friday: Jewelry for a Cause

Each Friday, the another jennifer blog shares stories of those who incorporate philanthropy into their everyday lives – personally and professionally – in a creative and unique way. If you have a story you’d like to share, please contact Jennifer. You can view past posts from the series here.

This following article is a guest post from Bev Feldman.

runner bracelet 550

Volunteering and giving back to the community have always been important to me. So when I made the switch from working in the human services to focusing on my jewelry business full-time, I knew somehow I wanted to incorporate an element of giving into it.

It started with donating portions of sales to a local nonprofit with which I am involved. For the month of February I donated 20% of sales of my heart jewelry to Friends of the Center for Families, a nonprofit that holds a very special place in my heart.

I knew for the month of April I wanted to give to the One Fund Boston, since the Boston Marathon is held the third Monday of April. I live in Cambridge, right across the river from Boston, and have lived in the area for 10 years. I have watched the Boston Marathon from the sidelines many times, cheering on the runners from my husband’s former apartment on Beacon Street, just a few miles before the end of the course. I have watched in awe as the runners, so close to the end, powered on. Regardless of the weather, spirits were always high, and a feeling of camaraderie permeated the race that brings together people from all over the world.

Like everyone else, I was shocked by the events of last year’s marathon. You truly never expect something like this to happen so close to home. I was saddened that something like this could happen in my area by people from the community, and even more so that lives of innocent people who were there to celebrate what should have been a joyous day were so horribly changed. Thankfully no one I knew was hurt, but unfortunately there were too many people who cannot say the same thing about their friends or loved ones.

In the wake of such a tragedy, though, came forth once again the spirit of camaraderie as the community came together to help one another. I want to celebrate and honor those whose lives were forever changed by that day, using my business as a tool to give back to them. When a friend suggested I make a line of fitness jewelry after seeing a picture of a custom bracelet I posted on Instagram, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Between now and Monday, April 21 (the date of this year’s Boston Marathon), I will be donating 20% of sales from my limited-edition runner fitness bracelets to the One Fund Boston. That means, for the sale of every bracelet, I will be donating $49.00. I am already 10% of the way toward reaching my goal of $500—will you help me reach my goal?

(You can read the full story behind the design of this bracelet here.)

Bev cropped


Bev Feldman is a jewelry designer, blogger, and newly minted mom. You can read about her adventures in balancing being a stay-at-home mom while running a creative business and check out her jewelry at Linkouture.

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