Wordless Wednesday: Happy Left Handers Day!

left handers day 2014

It’s International Left Handers Day! Are you a lefty like me? Read more about Left Handers Day, shop at my favorite left-handed store, or visit my All Things Left-Handed tumblr site. Or, take this test to see just how left-handed you really are. If you are right-handed, take a moment to try and do something… [Read More…]

My genius lefty

mirror writing

OK, so the post title is a bit presumptuous. I’m not entirely sure that Biz is a genius. He’s probably not. (I hope not. Geniuses seem to be extremely misunderstood.) But he’s been doing some backwards mirror writing and, well, my left-hander’s desk calendar pointed this out: No doubt that Leonardo da Vinci was a… [Read More…]

Teaching Left-Handed Children How to Write


My handy Left’s Hander’s Desk Calendar noted the Handedness Research Institute the other day. Started in 2001, its aim is to advance scientific understanding of handedness – left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous. From the looks of the website, it could use some funding. Not surprising, I suppose, because only 8-10% of the population are left-handed. Many… [Read More…]