Wordless Wednesday: Happy Left Handers Day!

It’s International Left Handers Day! Are you a lefty like me? Read more about Left Handers Day, shop at my favorite left-handed store, or visit my All Things Left-Handed tumblr site.

Or, take this test to see just how left-handed you really are.

If you are right-handed, take a moment to try and do something left-handed today. It’s our day!

left handers day 2014

Wordless Wednesday (8.13.14): Happy Left Handers Day!

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Celebrating International Left Handers’ Day with All Things Left-Handed!

If you’ve paid attention to my Twitter bio or have followed this blog for some time, you know that I am a lefty.

I actually have a category called Being a lefty.

Being a left-handed person in a right-handed world can be annoying, and I like to write about it from time to time. I’m also a mom to a left-handed child which can present some interesting challenges, particularly with writing. Some of the most popular posts on this blog are about being left-handed, including:

Why am I sharing this with you? Because it’s International Left Handers’ Day! A day when left-handed people like me – 10% of the population – get to create their own “lefty zone” where everything must be done left-handed.

So go ahead and pick up an apple corer or wite out tape and see what happens when you use your left hand.

I also thought today would be a great day to officially launch my new Tumblr site dedicated to all things left-handed.

all things left-handed

Yup. I’ve been playing around with this site for a little while now, and International Left-Handers’ Day seemed the best day to officially go public with it. If I wasn’t completely unplugged last week, I might have thought of putting together a press release to go along with it. I suppose I still can.

For now, I’d love for you to check out the website allthingslefthanded.com. It’s a fun Tumblr blog where I curate lefty facts, quotes, stories, articles, products and more. I even created a Lefty Store

Are you on Tumblr? (I’m having a lot of fun with Tumblr, I will admit.)

You can also follow all things left-handed on Twitter. (Seriously, I could use some followers!)

Are you a lefty or the parent of a left-handed child?

My genius lefty

OK, so the post title is a bit presumptuous.

I’m not entirely sure that Biz is a genius. He’s probably not. (I hope not. Geniuses seem to be extremely misunderstood.)

But he’s been doing some backwards mirror writing and, well, my left-hander’s desk calendar pointed this out:

No doubt that Leonardo da Vinci was a genius. But he lacked a formal education and his natural mode of writing was left-handed mirror writing. In his personal notebooks the letters are written backward, and words and sentences read from right to left on the page. He used regular script only when he was writing to others.

Leonardo da Vinci, of course, was a lefty.

I’ve tried mirror writing before and found that it wasn’t as hard as I expected. As a lefty, I actually do find it easier to move from right to left. I often read articles and/or newspapers or magazines backwards. (Unfortunately, people don’t write the articles backwards so it takes some piecing together.)

I’m pretty sure I’m not a genius, but it’s interesting to note that backwards mirror writing is easier for us lefties.

When shopping for some boots and gloves this weekend, Biz wrote his name twice.

Here’s how he wrote his name on a chalkboard in LL Bean:

mirror writing

Biz doing some mirror writing in LL Bean.

On the chalkboard, he wrote his name as if he were mirror writing.

Here’s how he wrote his name at the restaurant before eating lunch:

upside down writing

Biz wrote his name upside down so that we could all read it.

At the restaurant, he wrote his name upside down. We could read it, but it was upside down to him. He didn’t flip the placemat or anything.

He didn’t flinch in either case. He just wrote. In fact, I almost think upside down mirror writing was easier to him than writing his name normally. We usually have to help him write B-I-Z.

Of course, at not quite 4, he’s still getting the hang of the writing thing. He’s still learning his letters and figuring out how to hold a pencil properly. But I don’t remember G ever writing backwards. His letters may have looked backwards from time to time, but G wouldn’t write an entire word backwards or upside down.

Genius? Maybe not. But it is kind of curious.

Does your child ever do mirror writing or write upside down? Are they left-handed or right-handed?

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