Wordless Wednesday: Fall Colors on the Androscoggin

Wordless Wednesday: Fall Colors on the Androscoggin by Jennifer Iacovelli

Wordless Wednesday (10.15.14): Fall Colors on the Androscoggin by Jennifer Iacovelli

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The Juxtaposition of Dapple

A patch or spot of light. A spot or mottled marking.


What happens when the light changes or the wind blows the shadow of a tree branch on your face during a photo shoot.

Sometimes pretty. Sometimes not so much. The juxtaposition of light and dark, good and bad, positive and negative.

You can move to another location, squinting to find the perfect light and embracing the adventure along the way. Or you can stay put and work with those spots, accepting how they change. There’s no right or wrong, really.

Because the dapple is always changing, giving a sense of chilly darkness in one moment and blinding you with light in the next.

We all have dapple. Moments of clarity and peace along with murkiness and distress. The spots of experience that make us who we are.

It’s all perception of course. Finding ourselves in darkness can actually help us find the light. One person’s negative can be another person’s positive. Being a little bad every now and then can feel pretty darn good.

You can only avoid dapple for so long. The duality, if you let it, can be quite beautiful.


This post was inspired by a photo shoot with Tamara (Like Camera) that involved traipsing around a state park, finding the right light in the right sky, granola, gorgeous foliage, and a very nice man named Mike. And dapple, of course.

One Bar Closer to Humanity

I came across this video the other night after a long, full day spent mostly outside interacting with some wonderful human beings in various settings. I sat bleary-eyed with my MacBook Pro on my lap scrolling through the 200 or so unopened emails and the many notifications from my social media channels and blog. I caught some of these on my phone, but as an entrepreneur, I’m always working and making sure I don’t miss anything too important.

Of course, I’ve unplugged before, and the world didn’t end. I need to remind myself of this fact every now and then. Now as a single mom and an entrepreneur, my to do list seems to have tripled. Prioritizing is key. Stopping for fun is necessary. Things fall through the cracks, and that’s OK. I’ve learned that if people are too demanding of you or their expectations unrealistic, they probably don’t belong there with you. Sometimes I even say no to requests and projects. I’m learning not to apologize.

I have some really, really great people in my life. Largely because of the blogging world, I have a network that actually spans the globe. The storylines are amazing. Emailing, liking, commenting, skyping, calling, and texting are a daily occurrence. But in-person, human interaction just can’t be beat. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Even with some distance.

I should have been packing up my house. Instead, I went to Massachusetts and spent the day with good blogging friends and their kids.

I should have been packing up my house. Instead, I went to Massachusetts and spent the day with good blogging friends and their kids.

Watch the video and see if you are inspired to put that phone down or shut the laptop and head outside to take a walk. Technology can connect us, but being human calls for interaction with nature and people.

If you’re lucky enough to have your phone go down to one bar, it could just bring you one bar closer to humanity. 

What do you think? Can we auto-correct humanity? Has technology made us anti-social?


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