A #haiku. Because vacation.

beach running

This week is our last hurrah before school starts. We’ve had a such a crazy schedule this summer with track and my new job coupled with my regular writing and upcoming book launch. It’s nice to just wake up and make plans for a new adventure. Nothing fancy. Just fun with my boys. That’s all a… [Read More…]

a haiku about dishes


I have joked with my friends that the one thing I miss about my ex-husband is the fact that he was pretty good at doing dishes. He never put them away, which drove me nuts, but at least he did the dishes. I’m working on getting my kids to take over dishes duty, but they… [Read More…]

The Broken Pieces

Photo credit: Jonathan Cohen, Flickr

I saw him kneeling on the ground on the verge of tears, stains of deep dark red spreading all around him penetrating the concrete floor. There were shards of glass everywhere with a wicker basket holding the last remnants of the bottle of Chianti. I had brought it back from a high school trip to… [Read More…]