Wordless Wednesday: Off to Change the World with ONE at the #AYASummit

I’m leaving on a jet plane this morning and heading to Washington DC where I will be attending the Aya Summit hosted by ONE. You can follow my journey on Twitter and Facebook. I will be meeting up with many world changers – including some very good friends that I cannot wait to hug – and will most certainly be blogging about the experience when I get back. 

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Wordless Wednesday (10.22.14): Off to Change the World with ONE at the #AYASummit

Wordless Wednesday: Fall Colors on the Androscoggin

Wordless Wednesday: Fall Colors on the Androscoggin by Jennifer Iacovelli

Wordless Wednesday (10.15.14): Fall Colors on the Androscoggin by Jennifer Iacovelli

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The Juxtaposition of Dapple

A patch or spot of light. A spot or mottled marking.


What happens when the light changes or the wind blows the shadow of a tree branch on your face during a photo shoot.

Sometimes pretty. Sometimes not so much. The juxtaposition of light and dark, good and bad, positive and negative.

You can move to another location, squinting to find the perfect light and embracing the adventure along the way. Or you can stay put and work with those spots, accepting how they change. There’s no right or wrong, really.

Because the dapple is always changing, giving a sense of chilly darkness in one moment and blinding you with light in the next.

We all have dapple. Moments of clarity and peace along with murkiness and distress. The spots of experience that make us who we are.

It’s all perception of course. Finding ourselves in darkness can actually help us find the light. One person’s negative can be another person’s positive. Being a little bad every now and then can feel pretty darn good.

You can only avoid dapple for so long. The duality, if you let it, can be quite beautiful.


This post was inspired by a photo shoot with Tamara (Like Camera) that involved traipsing around a state park, finding the right light in the right sky, granola, gorgeous foliage, and a very nice man named Mike. And dapple, of course.

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