This sh*t is hard.


This sh*t is hard. The words keep reeling through my brain. I say them out loud to remind a friend she’s not alone. The uncertainty of life can get to you after a while. The emotions come out when you least expect it. The reminder that it’s all on you. All of it. And so… [Read More…]

Wordless Wednesday: Flexing My Global Advocacy Muscles for a #Strengthie Because #PovertyIsSexist


Two months ago I shared a post from my good friend and fellow ONE Mom, Nicole Melancon, that featured’s new #PovertyIsSexist campaign. The campaign aims to influence world leaders to establish new global goals to improve the lives of women and girls worldwide by 2030. (Read: Philanthropy Friday: ONE Launches #PovertyIsSexist Campaign to improve the lives of women… [Read More…]